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Media Create Sales: 16 - 22 Oct


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.

01 NDS Pokemon Diamond (Nintendo) - 137,629 / 1,371,199
02 NDS Pokemon Pearl (Nintendo) - 94,350 / 1,191,282
03 PS2 Captain Tsubasa (Namco-Bandai) - 41,708 / *NEW*
04 NDS Kanji Quiz DS (Rocket Company) - 35,911 / 156,624
05 NDS Gekitou! Custom Robo (Nintendo) - 34,304 / *NEW*
06 GBA Final Fantasy V Advance (Square-Enix) - 32,329 / 157,169
07 NDS New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) - 29,965 / 3,304,367
08 PS2 Dragon Ball Z Sparking Neo (Namco-Bandai) - 28,042 / 359,582
09 NDS More Brain Age (Nintendo) - 22,006 / 3,336,012
10 NDS Animal Crossing Wild World (Nintendo) - 20,406 / 3,349,277
11 PS2 Minna no Tennis (SCE)
12 NDS Final Fantasy III (Square-Enix)
13 NDS Brain Age (Nintendo)
14 NDS Engrish Training (Nintendo)
15 NDS Mario Kart (Nintendo)
16 NDS Cooking Navi (Nintendo)
17 PS2 Gift -prism- (Sweets)
18 NDS Tamagotchi Shop 2 (Namco-Bandai)
19 PSP Gundam Battle Royal (Namco-Bandai)
20 PS2 Bleach Blade Battlers (SCE)
21 GBA Rhythm Tengoku (Nintendo)
22 NDS Tingle Rupyland (Nintendo)
23 NDS Tetris DS (Nintendo)
24 PSP HomeStar Portable (Sega)
25 NDS Mario Hoops 3 on 3 (Nintendo)
26 PS2 Sangokushi 11 (Koei)
27 PSP Monster Hunter Portable [PSP The Best] (Capcom)
28 PS2 Driver: Parallel Lines (AQI)
29 GBA Pokemon Emerald (Nintendo)
30 NDS Big Brain Academy (Nintendo)

WTF? Pokemon Emerald is still in the top 30?


Got the numbers much earlier than usual.

Pokemon breaks 2.5 million. Custom Robo didn't do as good as the Famitsu chart made it seem. Slow week overall as pretty much every DS game sold lower than it did last week.

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how many million sellers were there in Japan before the DS and how many does the DS have?


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Nintendo must do something, its really annoying to see shortages like these.


Can ACWW hang on long enough for D/P to hit a combined 3 million? Stay tuned, answer in three weeks or so.
Maybe it'll get a holiday bump or something; not like DS is going to have any trouble outselling PS3 with its low shipments.


FFIII probably is just outside the top 10 and did another 15k+. I dont see why it wont hang on to do a million with the holidays coming and the legs of big DS software. It only has 150k or so to go which should be easily attainable.


Nintendo should release a new handheld just to spice up the charts. :D

Hopefully PS3 and Wii will bring some more variation to them.
GaimeGuy said:
Pokemon is the definition of legs. It'll be around for a long, long time.


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winston_pr said:
It's training for an official Kanji skill certification Test in Japan. (Kanji Kentei)

And WOW, not a single PSP title. PSP is starting to look like a PSX fiasco in Kuta-chan's track record.

For the past couple months, there usually isn't a single PSP title. When there is, that's when people generally say WOW (followed by a few 'that about wraps it up for nintendo' comments).
And while my initial look at Pokemon sales was disappointment (New Super Mario was selling 100,000 for MANY weeks after it's release. Then again it didn't release with 1.5 million sales), I realized just how strong Pokemon Diamond and Pearl should be, and that they are already 2.5 million units in Japan, just about 6-8 more weeks and they'll be the #1 seller.

New Super Mario still hanging in there which is awesome. Brain Age 2 as well. Animal Crossing is UNBELIEVABLY crazy. Did RUby and Sapphire even have these kind of legs?

And Nintendo NEEDS to do something about these **** shortages. PLEASE Nintendo!


Clever Pun said:
hmm... I'm trying to remember - how did your last major DS software prediction go?

:lol :lol What a lowblow.

I still think FFIII will break a million, thanks to the holiday season and the fact MC is tracking it lower than Famitsu.


So, how many copies of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker do you think Square-Enix will order for its first week? 100K? 150K? :lol


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I can't believe that so early in the DS life, Nintendo already has several games over 3m and still selling well every week.
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