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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain new info, Game is "nearing completion"

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If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
May 9, 2009
For those who couldn't keep up with the TGS threads, here is all the new information from the show. I will keep updating when more new info comes in.


  • The story is no longer linear and can take various different routes depending on the player.
  • The game’s themes are race, conflict, cycle of revenge, and war. Snake and Kaz in particular are the most hell-bent on revenge. Ocelot is different. He is more neutral and collected in all this.
  • The game can be played without meeting certain characters like Quiet, although meeting these characters do open up sub plots. But depending on how players play the game, they may not meet certain characters.
  • What Snake and his men go through in The Phantom Pain will be very painful.
  • During the African jungle demo, it’s mentioned that Snake has lost weight, likely referencing the aftermath of his 9 year coma.


  • According to Akio Otsuka (Japanese voice of Snake), this isn’t the usual Snake. Snake’s experiences have changed him.
  • Akio Otsuka also mentions that he doesn’t believe Snake is falling to the dark side, but more like Snake is exerting his own sense of justice.
  • It is mentioned that the relationship between Snake, Kaz, and Ocelot is complicated in Phantom Pain. It gets more complicated with the inclusion of Quiet, who nobody fully trusts.
  • Big Boss doesn’t talk much in this game.
  • It is mentioned that Kaz is very smart, and people will wonder what he’ll do next in Phantom Pain. He will be more unpredictable.
  • The way Kaz moves after he is rescued from Afghanistan is meant to express the pain he feels from losing his limbs.
  • Ocelot is described by his Japanese voice actor to be very attached to Snake.
  • Ocelot was designed to be the coolest character (cool middle aged man in his 40’s).
  • Kaz’s Japanese voice actor says Ocelot is not someone you should turn your back on.
  • Quiet is described during the Africa demo as young and scary.
  • Based on the full TGS 2014 cutscene, during which Diamond Dogs guards found Quiet using thermal goggles, I think it’s safe to assume that Quiet’s powers are closer to invisibility. Furthermore, based on the African jungle gameplay, she also seems to posses superhuman agility, with the ability to run at incredible speeds and with the ability to jump incredible heights.
  • Quiet isn’t Chico, Kojima confirmed.
  • The concept behind Quiet was a naked sniper. He once again reiterates that there is a background and a reason behind her being dressed like this. It wasn’t just for sex appeal.
  • Quiet has a weakness that will tie into the story and the way she is dressed.
  • Previously, Kojima had mentioned that he brought back a character he had killed before, but he meant a character he had killed during planning and production, not from a past game.


Buddy System
  • A lot of missions allow for support buddies, but some of them may not.
  • The support buddy system is optional. Players can play the entire game alone if they wish.
  • Confirmed support buddies so far include the horse, the wolf (named DD), and Quiet. Ocelot was originally supposed to be a support buddy, but now, Kojima is not sure. Ocelot may or may not be a support buddy in the final game. Kojima mentions that they need Ocelot to protect Mother Base, especially with Kaz going through rehabilitation, and that there is a balance that needs to be kept.
  • Programming a support buddy is a huge task.
  • Stray animals can be adopted and then bred and trained to become support buddies. It seems as though Ocelot will take care of this. The breeding and training will take a few days though.
  • Support buddies like the horse, the wolf (DD), and Quiet can die permanently.
  • Once support buddies are dead, they are dead for good. This won’t affect the main story.
  • Players can bring more than one buddy at a time. The fact that there are four seats in the chopper could be indication that up to four support buddies can be brought at a time.
  • Quiet can be ordered with a variety of commands. She can be ordered to scout ahead (during which she can mark targets), she can be ordered to stay in one position, from which she can provide cover fire and support (and once in position, she will hum the tune of the beginning of Sins of the Father), she can be ordered to aim and shoot specific targets, and she can even do intricate cooperative maneuvers like shooting guards’ helmets off so Snake can shoot them in the head, or shooting at a grenade Snake throws so its trajectory shifts towards the desired target.
  • Quiet’s available commands and abilities will depend on the depth of her relationship with Snake. It is still unknown how players will be strengthening bonds between Snake and other characters.
  • In the demo, her support buddy commands included “shoot,” “target and wait for my signal,” “shoot this,” and “provide/cease cover fire.” All of these commands don’t become available right off the bat. They unlock as Snake’s relationship with Quiet deepens.
  • If Snake and Quiet have a weak bond, Quiet may not be available as a support buddy.

  • Kojima researched and gathered real life data to create worlds like the African jungle.
  • New missions can be accepted without going back to Mother Base.
  • Players can get lost in the African jungle map without the iDroid. The game world is that big.
  • Like in Afghanistan, players can choose their own routes in Africa to accomplish their missions.
  • Players can choose Snake’s landing zone. Snake can jump off at anytime inside the chopper, but doing so at the wrong moment could kill him.
  • Riding the horse can be tough in Africa due to all the natural obstacles (rough terrains, trees, cliffs, etc.).
  • Walls with cracks can be climbed.
  • The game will feature destructible environments. For example, the Africa demo shows the player destroying a bridge to keep soldiers away.
  • Choppers can’t be called into dense jungles or forests.
  • Players can shift between first person and third person inside chopper.
  • Missions in Phantom Pain can take 30 minutes or more first time through.
  • It was mentioned that players don’t necessarily have to use the helicopter to get from location to location, although it was stated that players might not want to walk from Afghanistan to Africa


  • The new sneaking suit (which resembles Solid Snake’s sneaking suit from MGS1) is made of high-strength aramid fibers and has sound-absorbing boots.
  • Players will eventually be able to develop weather modification technology, allowing them to shift weather to their liking for certain situations.
  • Players have to develop suits and camos before they can be worn. To change Snake’s outfit during a mission, they must first be delivered to Snake through Mother Base’s support unit. Players can no longer change Snake’s outfit instantly through a menu like in MGS3.
  • The “naked” outfit returns, although its advantages/disadvantages are still unknown.
  • Players can develop many different types of prosthetic arms in Mother Base, each with their own designs and functionalities. The yellow arm shown at TGS 2014, for example, can be used to stun enemies with high voltage electricity (1.2 million volts to be precise).
  • According to Kojima, some of these arms will have some surprising functions. Kojima hints at “rocket punch” being one such function. The “rocket punch” could be similar to how Zadornov uses his prosthetic before his death.
  • One of the game’s new items is the decoy balloon, which can bring up a variety of inflammable figures, from Snake himself to PT’s Lisa. Each figure will have various lines and sound effects that will play to lure guards (like “Kept you waiting, huh?” or “You’re pretty good.”)
  • The analyzer makes a return, allowing players to see which soldiers are worth fultoning. This time, the analyzer will be integrated with Snake’s binoculars. The analyzer is likely one of various upgrades for the binoculars.
  • Binoculars can be upgraded with new functions through R&D.
  • Another new item for MGSV is the pin radar, which allows players to see signs of life (animals and humans) in a radius centered around Snake. The pin radar makes sound, so if players use it too close to enemies, guards will become suspicious.
  • Using the Phantom Cigar too much could lead to mission failure, since certain missions may have a time limit.


  • Those who cleared Ground Zeroes will get something really cool in Phantom Pain.

FOX Engine

  • The engine facilitated multiplatform development, and its efficiency reduced development costs by 1/5.
  • With the engine’s flexibility, level designers can do most of the work themselves without having to ask programmers to do certain things.
  • With the FOX Engine, more focus could be placed on game design rather than technicalities.

Release Information

  • After 5 years of development, the game is nearly complete, and its shaping up to be the game Kojima wanted to develop 27 years ago. This could perhaps be suggesting an early 2015 release window, since Kojima confirmed that the game will launch some time in 2015.


Big thanks to https://twitter.com/JunkerHQNet for the translation.


Aug 9, 2014


Jul 10, 2013
finally metal gear solid is back.

mgs4 was one of the best games last gen. way better than all the other overrated aaa games.


Jan 1, 2013

Where's the clip of a Japanese audience member screaming out "Chico!" when Quiet was on screen?


And they made him a Lord of Cinder. Not for virtue, but for might. Such is a lord, I suppose. But here I ask. Do we have a sodding chance?
Sep 1, 2006
I can sense it

This is gonna be the game that finally trumps MGS2

Yes, MGS2


A company being excited for their new game is a huge slap in the face to all the fans that liked their old games.
Mar 17, 2014
Well hopefully this clears up some of the concerns over the structuring of the story. Not like Destiny. Basically.

I like the ideas of having optional sideplots in an open world game about choice and consequence. Both concepts go hand in hand. It sets a new standard for story driven open world games.


May 11, 2010
I wonder how many areas this game will have. I can see one more larger area accompanied by some smaller ones the size of Ground Zeroes.
The thing is that if the other buddies can be killed then they should make Ocelot fair game too, and that doesn't work if we take into account future games in the series (future games in the sense of the fiction's continuity)

"You've created a time paradox!"


Apr 8, 2013
This, Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight are the holy trinity of most anticipated 2015 blockbuster titles.

Give it to me before the Fall Kojima.


A company being excited for their new game is a huge slap in the face to all the fans that liked their old games.
Mar 17, 2014
I can sense it

This is gonna be the game that finally trumps MGS2

Yes, MGS2

Y'know... I can see it too. As a WHOLE... it could trump MGS2's impact in its time of release.

It could be a game that truly shakes things up.

But just the fact it follows Peace Walker is a huge pain in my ass. I thought PW was a terrible misstep.


May 10, 2012
Well hopefully this clears up some of the concerns over the structuring of the story. Not like Destiny. Basically.

I like the ideas of having optional sideplots in an open world game about choice and consequence. Both concepts go hand in hand. It sets a new standard for story driven open world games.

Not a chance in hell Kojima would fuck up even remotely as spectacularly as Bungie did with Destiny.

Ground Zeroes has more [and better] narrative than Destiny.
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