Mini Mafia III |OT| An Amazing Alien Abduction Adventure


It was a dark and stormy night when the abductions happened. 13 of the most famous GAFia players woke up aboard the splendid GAFIA Heart of Darkness Mark I. They did not remember how they had gotten on board this strange and unpleasant vehicle, but they saw presently that it was a space ship. Earth was a tiny blue dot visible from a tiny round window, the only window of their current whereabouts, which is a spacious cubical room, of equal length in every side. There was no visible exits. The only decoration in the room was a large, bolded text on a piece of white paper.


Their host, An Alien Spider, had just appeared on large monitor opposite the window to greet the guests.

"Welcome to the first inaugural GAFIA Trans-Universal Special Cruise aboard the Heart of Darkness Mark I," the monster was saying. "You've all received invites to be part of this exclusive gathering of NeoGAF Mafia players from across the globe and Scotland...ish. Please make yourselves at home and have a great time. And I sure hope no one dies :D..."

No one died. The Alien Spider fidgeted a little, frowning at their teleprompter slightly.

"Well, shit. Anyway, I think there are some troublemakers amongst you...", The Alien Spider continued after a period of extra long and extra awkward silence, in which someone coughed very politely, as the creature chewed on something that might had been human once. ”I know because I put them there, haha. Yay, me. They may look like humans and they certainly may seem friendly but they are not one of you. They are aliens." A pause. ”Like me." An unnecessary exposition.

”So, we Aliens, we are very interested in you, humans. Our goal is to understand you so we can turn you all into playthings and toys, before we eat you. If you can eject the Aliens amongst you, I will return you safely to Earth." Another pause. ”No, I swear I am telling the truth. Your faces are very impolite >:C"

”OK. That's it from me." The many-limbed Alien took a swig of punch. "Don't drink the punch."

Blackness came upon the screen. The monitor had died.

This game starts Monday, February 6th
The game is a daystart.
Day Phase is 48 hours, Night Phase is 24 hours and triggers at Melbourne Time 9 AM.
Night Actions are expected 2 hours before the Day Phase starts. Missing actions will be decided at Moderator's discretion.


Facts about the setup that may be useful while playing:
- The roles in this game are randomly generated and randomly assigned.
- The role distribution can be assumed to be reasonably fair. If town is powerful, mafia will likewise be powerful and vice versa.
- 50% of all possible setups contain a Serial Killer.
- Possible non-town roles in this setup with odds:
• 0.78125% = Goon + Godfather, Serial Killer (Investigation Immune OR 1-Shot Bulletproof)
• 5.46875% = Goon + Godfather
• 16.40625% = Goon + Godfather, Serial Killer (Investigation Immune OR 1-Shot Bulletproof)
• 27.34375% = 2 Goons + Roleblocker
• 27.34375% = 2 Goons + Roleblocker, Serial Killer (Investigation Immune OR 1-Shot Bulletproof)
• 16.40625% = Goon + Roleblocker + Godfather
• 5.46875% = Goon + Roleblocker + Godfather, Serial Killer (Investigation Immune OR 1-Shot Bulletproof)
• 0.78125% = Goon + Roleblocker + Godfather
- Town roles will be a combination of ordinary townies and some selection of these town power rules: cop, doctor, vigilante, mason, innocent child, and/or roleblocker.
- Town power roles can be either 1 shot OR unlimited.
- The full process for selecting roles if anyone is interested is here.

• Night actions resolved in this order: Roleblock -> Medic visits for the night -> KP resolves simultaneously -> Cop Checks
• Multiple roles of the same type will be resolved based on the order in which the gamerunner has assigned onto the roster.
• Serial Killer chooses 1-shot BP OR Investigation Immune pregame.
• Cop checks return either Town, AntiTown or No Result.
• Doctors prevent one night kill.
• Innocent Child is mod-revealed on the first phase.
• Mafia Roleblocker can not Roleblock AND deliver KP in the same night.
• Vigilante shots are refunded if Roleblocked.
• Plurality Lynch (the person with the most votes at the end of every day phase is out) -- town may not no lynch.
• Majority Lynch Rule in effect.
• No notifications unless they are necessary:
----Players will not receive a notification if roleblocked.
----Doctors will not receive a notification if their heal works.
----Players will not receive a notification if they are healed.

Game specific rules:
• Activity requirement: 10 posts per day phase -- 1 warning then modkill. You will probably need at least one hour every other day to play. The game should last a little longer than a week. Please PM a mod before you miss a day phase if possible.
• It is considered good etiquette to stick with a game if you can. If you should require a replacement, PM a mod (DO NOT post in the thread about replacing), it will be assumed that something unplanned came up for you.
• Please watch the time, don't post after a day phase ends -- :59 okay, :00 not okay -- 1 warning then modkill.
• Play to win. Don't self vote.
• Always PM a mod questions -- don't ask them in the game thread.
• Never reference any PM or mod question/answer in the game thread.
• Never discuss mod decisions in the game thread -- wait till post game!
• You may post 1 simple "gg" post if you are eliminated before the game ends -- please put "***DEAD***" somewhere in this post just to make sure no one will be confused e.g.:

gg everyone

Majority Lynch Rule in effect

shamelessly built upon the foundation of the remnants of the highly acclaimed GAFIA Trans-Siberian Beach House Cruise I

01. [m] batsnacks - Killed N1
02. [m] CCS - Killed N2
03. [they] Crab - Lynched D3
04. [m] CzarTim
05. [m] Gorlak - End gamed D5
06. [any] Haly - End gamed D5
07. [m] Kawl_USC - Killed N3
08. [m] Kyanrute - Killed N4
09. [m] Lone_Prodigy - Lynched D1
10. [f] melonrabbit - Lynched D4
11. [m] Ourobolus - Killed N1
12. [m] squidyj
13. [m] Timeaisis - Lynched D2

14. [m] Verelios
15. [f] Sophia

smol but importanz:
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Mason Thread
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Game Impressions
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Moderator's Message:

Hope you all will have some fun :) Remember, at the end of the day, this is a game and that when all's said and done, we're here to make some incredible memories and happy friends :D

A spider wishes you all luck o/
Sample Role PMs:

Also available at the wiki link, but let's have them here as well, for ease of reference!

Vanilla Townie:
Vanilla Townie

Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Vanilla Townie.


Your weapon is your vote, you have no night actions.

Win condition:

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated and there is at least one town player alive.
Mafia Goon:

Mafia Goon

Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a Mafia Goon, along with your partner(s), [Player Name] (and [Player Name]).


Factional communication: [redacted]
Factional kill: Each night phase, one of you or your partners may perform the factional kill.

Win condition:

You win when the Mafia obtain equal or more than town numbers or nothing can prevent this from occurring.
There may or may not be a real chance of real life Kawlo-cabot masonry in a bar during this game.

The real bar mafia starts next week.
that wouldnt be fair to others who are expecting the right launch time, gorlakitty

proceed with fidgeting for another hour

might burn some callories and produce appropriate rage levels for a murder simulator adventure
poor sleepy kitty ; ___ ;

go catch some zzzzs if you have to, gorlakie~ when u wake and return to us, we would be zooming past the moons of jupiter~ ready for tea time~