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Sports MMA General |OT| We just wanna bang GAF


Fingerlickin' Good!
May 22, 2018
i'm watching emmett vs burgos, holy fuck when emmett hits you hear the same sound of gaetjie punches, this guy is probably the heaviest hitter at 145, i don't know how burgos can absorb these punches like that...
just watching this. yeah those hits, but god damn burgos got dat chin
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Jun 30, 2013
London, UK
damn man, only 57 years old. sounds like it was a blood clotting complication from covid 19. horrible

I fear that this may result in his retirement.
Yeah it’s a real threat. My GF’s uncle was in an induced coma for over a month fighting Covid and had 2 strokes during that. Thankfully he is alive, recovering slowly. But at the shock of the hospital staff who thought for the entire month he would not make it through.

And I agree with the retirement. 1 more fight at most is all I expect, and wouldn’t be shocked if he never fought again. It’s very sad.
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