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Shit the e corp ARG or whatever it is gave out an amazon echo today and I missed the email. Had no idea theyd be giving out something so nice. I'll have to stay on it more now. On subject the first two episodes have been amazing and I have no problem with what they did last night in spite of the fact that I LOVED her character
The cyber noir in this episode blew right past Blade Runner 2049, loved the entire thing. I'm coming around to the idea that Whiteroses ultimate goal is violation of causality, either by time travel or alternate universes. Seems like getting access to the Congo's Luwow mine is their ultimate goal.

The Luwow mine is real, and its where Coltan and Niobium are extracted and are the primary sources of both. Niobium is used in the large hadron particle accelerator as superconducting material. We saw some sort of particle accelerator in New York at the end of episode 1.
Everybody keeps saying that every week yet the episodes still are slow and nothing happens

eliots schtick feels old already and tired
I am much more interested in what everyone else is doing. Elliott almost feels like the bad guy right now, working against everyone I care about.
Mr Robot is good but it’s not in Breaking Bad’s league. Robot has some very questionable acting at times. And it tries very hard to be artsy and just comes off as pretentious. It’s a show that thinks it’s smarter than it is.
so i been hearing people say this show is reaching if not, has already reached Breaking Bad levels of greatness

agree or disagree?
everyone disagrees with me but I think this season has fallen off a cliff

season 1 was very interesting and tense, season 2 did some cool things with reality and structure that didn't always work, and season 3 has been garbage imo

and breaking bad was about the downfall of a family man, where mr robot has essentially been about a cyber terrorist who is now trying his darnedest to soften his image and take back what hes done

also, the tech stuff has gone from well done and realistically advanced to closeups of this dude clicking his mouse and people frantically searching for usb drives