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I'll add more stuff (OST, interviews, reviews, etc.) in the media section as the season goes on.

Thanks and enjoy!
Is there a good summary/recap of season 2 out there? Haven't watched it since it aired live and while I really liked it, I've forgotten a lot of details.
Is there a synopsis of what the hell happened with Tyrell's character in season 2? I really can't remember anything except for the first episode or two.
Hopefully S3 is a little tighter narratively than S2, which was kind of mess. There were a few genius episodes lost in a sea of “hoohoo this will confuse the audience hoohoo” bullshit.
So pumped for the new season. I really should have rewatched one and two, but didn't have the time recently. Might try to find a recap or just rewatch the last couple episodes before it airs tonight.


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Mr. Robot Season 2 Soundtrack.

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