Mr. Robot season_3.0 |OT| Alexa, What Are the Berenstein Bears? - Wednesdays on USA

Whew, after he started wearing the black hoodie again, plus the hacking scene & revolution speech I thought we were back to a reset or some kind of normal.

Is Mr. Robot
time traveling backwards into Elliot and manifesting as a split personality, rather than just a manifestation of psychosis?

That’d be some 12 Monkeys sci-fi shit, yo.
Are you telling me that Angela is not trustworthy? Omg
You didn't think the way she acted with her lawyer after she got whiterosed in python was suspicious af? I had a lowkey feeling she was going to screw over Elliot after he mentioned that she knew him better than most.

We are seriously back at the
Time travel
theory? Season 2 was already a wild ride of such speculation, I see they're pushing us further here.
I don't think we're getting time travel. I think it's too obvious a red herring to believe that it could be pulled off. The way they keep mentioning undoing damage and creating a whole new world reminds me of a reset button.

It doesn't make sense that whiterose would try so hard to get Angela to believe that her parents died for the greater good, and that Angela wanted Ecorp to suffer, only to mean that time travel would send things back to "normal." I think it's more so that the Dark Army is trying to create an entirely new world with entirely new ideologies (likely driven by whiterose's ideals for better or for worse).
So running theories are time travel, Eliot is a ghost, Eliot is a psychic ghost, or Eliot is a psychic that speaks to ghost.

Maybe Eliot is a time traveling hack ghost.
Pretty sure The Sinner has uncensored ”Fuck"s in it too.

I'm not sure what's up, but my USA feed is super low quality tonight. Almost distractingly so. Thanks a lot, Comcast. :/
Glad it wasn't just me, low-light scenes were distractingly blocky and artifacted. For the first time I'm watching TV through Sling instead of traditional cable and I wondered if it was just their stream being bad. But if the bitrate is shit all around, well, this show deserves better. :/