New WiiU Bundle coming?

So what's the idea behind actually recalling them instead of not shipping anymore out to the stores or having an official price drop?
Replacing them entirely, getting them off shelves ahead of an announcement to avoid confusion at retailers/with consumers? Systems go back to Nintendo for repurposing as a new SKU.
I just picked up a basic for $239 total. I already had a HDD waiting. I don't see any price drop getting that good. Hope they have some sweet bundles for people though.
I never understood why people thought this was de "bad" SKU.

I mean, unless you have interest in NintendoLand this is the one you go after since you will likely need to buy a hard drive regardless of wich SKU you get... and the extra stuff on the premium pack are worthless plastic stands. The only interesting thing besides NintendoLand is the premium service imo.
Deluxe price drop to $300, and Mario 3D bundle for the Holiday I expect.
I'd bite. But only if the game was bundled in at that $300 price point.

Because who are we kidding; 32gb should be the absolute minimum, standard. It's a joke to even refer to it as 'deluxe'.
dont worry nintendo. Once the xbone is out and everyone see what it is about, any wiiu bundle wiil sell. Microsoft is doing a good job