Nintendo Illustrations to Highlight The Wii U Difference (JP)

Haha, these are awesome.

[A] fresh web page highlighting Wii U features includes some rather awesome pieces of artwork. They show off-TV play, the GamePad as a web-browsing device, various TV options and, an old favourite in Japan, how the GamePad can make karaoke more fun.
They need to realize that the Wii U difference is playing good games exclusive to Wii U that make you want to buy the console. That's how it's always worked. Nobody is buying a $300 cookbook.
Watching TV and movies, singing, baking...all things that provide entertainment without spending $200 on a Wii U. Great way to showcase your system, Nintendo.
So, from the OP, I've learned:

* Luigi is an anti-social jerk
* Instead of taking the Wii U controller into the kitchen and using that like a common person, she's using it AND a television
* Bowser is easily entertained by brand logos
* Mario is getting ready to push the "Next" button so Yoshi will shut the hell up
so just to be sure

this is a controller for the wii
Iwata: How hard was it to port Super Mario 3D Land to the Wii?
Koizumi: You mean Wii U.
Hayashida: It wasn't too difficult given the new tools to share assets between handheld and console teams. We had a trailer ready after two weeks.
Iwata: Aside from the cat power up, did you do anything to tweak the Wii version?
Koizumi: You mean Wii U.
Iwata: What is Wii U (laughs)