Nintendo Switch accessories (Hori/Officially licensed by Nintendo)

Because it's partially a successor to their handheld consoles which have used cartridges.
Well, that's not why. It's because using optical media doesn't work for a portable system. (UMD was a mistake...)

Also, why are people all like "cartridge size confirmed" when a cartridge was shown in the reveal trailer?


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God damn... I am thoroughly aroused. I want skins on skins on cases on cases. Gotta have that play and charge stand on my work desk, for sure. I think my controller situation might be the 2 Joycons, 1 official Nintendo Pro and one of them Horis at ~$29.99.

I wonder if having cases on the Switch will affect it sliding into the dock. Also, might be a bit annoying to have to remove the case to detach the Joycons but I guess that's a given.

Isn't this pointless with a built-in kickstand? Unless it comes with a charger or something.
Well, if that's the charging port on the bottom, I'm not sure you'll be able to charge while it's up on the included kick stand will you?
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Doesn't confirm but it definitely implies. Skins based on a game that isn't even on the console yet would make little sense.
They can use skins to generate (even more) hype.
I still think the game will release around launch, but people shouldn't believe it's basically confirmed just because of a skin.
When you're playing at the park and want to use the Joycon Grip would you want to lean your Switch against something or put it on a sturdy stand?
Yeah what's so hard to understand? People want their Switch sitting in front of them and they can change the angles and raise the Switch higher lower for comfort as they play.
And btw, just because the skin set comes out March 2017 that does not imply the game will too.
It's possible that it won't, but it seems strange to sell accessories for a game (not just a franchise, but a specific game) that isn't coming out for months potentially. I would think these companies would prefer to release them around the time the game comes out for maximum effect.
That clamshell looks nice for protection but taking the Joy-Con on and off with that thing all the time sounds like a big hassle.

Definitely getting a cheap Ethernet adapter off Amazon for this though.
Isn't this pointless with a built-in kickstand? Unless it comes with a charger or something.
Well since you can play games with more than one person on the screen, this stand makes more plausible sense to use to comfortably play games with another. Unlike the default kickstand, it elevates the screen and gives it more viewing range for a second person