NX Controller Rumor [Up5: Original was fake, and thus this is too]

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Aug 14, 2014
Unless Nintendo bundles the NX with a Wii U Pro Controller though, I dunno if I can get behind a controller without face buttons, at least not for Nintendo's next big console. I only hope that this controller exists to serve as a method to connect Nintendo's mobile games with the NX.
To clarify, this is the controller unit for the console.
Dev-kit, so it's not the final design, obviously.
This was also posted by the leaker.
Jun 7, 2013
I'm still heavily on Team Fake here... Nintendo is one of the last bastions of traditional gaming and for them to go so far away from it especially after Iwata made a strong point to mention the NX in the first place to show while they are going to be producing mobile software they will still be making traditional game consoles.

This is too similar to the cheaply made patent mock ups and the whole "confidential" sticker just screams fake to me. Whoever made this did a great job but let's be real here. Similar to Project Cafe leaks we will never actually see what the NX is until E3. Let's just be patient, it's just in a little over 2 months.

EDIT: Aw man that Game Informer tweet makes it ominous now... Still holding on hope, though! I guess I won't jump to conclusions after all.
Traditional gaming, like that time they made a console controller by a motion sensing stick or the time they made a console with a touch screen controller?
This is exactly what I'm thinking. You can either place it in a shell with handles or use it without one.

That said.....I'm not liking the way this is looking
That could work, bundle an grip case with it.
That way you can easily switch from portable use to home use. As another poster pointed it, it seems to have an HDMI out on the top.
Feb 19, 2013
I just dont understand the practicality of haptic buttons. It seems like a large, large grab at the wii/phone market nintendo lost. It seems risky and needlessly ballsy

Again, what can haptic provide in terms of button layout that 4 simple face buttons cant?

You cant put them anywhere special because your thumbs naturally need to be close to the sticks

Whats the benefit besides the initial "wow! That's different, I wonder what it's like?" reaction
The ability to add extra buttons for games that might need it. The ability to customize the exact button configuration depending on your individual hands to adjust ergonomics. Because not everyone has identically sized hands. Also, if you prefer a and b (because of their typical function in games) to be one above the other, or one to the right or left of the other, you can do either. And this can make button remapping a lot easier and system wide as opposed to something you need to do for each individual game


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May 15, 2013
What I don't get is, given the amount of people currently loving their smartphones, clearly there is a desire for touchscreen interfaces. So why so many declaring it'll fail?
Because using a smart phone app is different from controlling traditional video games.

There is a reason why touch screens have not replace keyboards on laptops and desktop PCs. You don't want to write a book on a virtual keyboard. You probably don't want to play Call of Duty on virtual buttons.

As others have pointed out, the biggest issue is the impossibility to blindly know where the buttons are. This would be a smaller issue if the photo shows the handheld, since in this case your eyes would be on the screen the entire time. If the image shows the home console controller—or a handheld that also works as a home console controller—then the problem of using it blindly would be a problem. The analog sticks might server as a haptic reference point, but I am skeptical.

I am open to this thing. As a handheld it probably makes sense. But I remain skeptical if the home console will use the same concept. I never liked how the GamePad on the Wii U forced you to change your focus between TV and the controller in your lap all the time. This thing—again, if it is a controller for the home console, and not a handheld—looks like it would make that issue even worse.
Jun 26, 2005
Are you guys being serious with proclamations of Nintendo's death from one picture of something we don't even know what it is? I know this is the internet and we're supposed to be hyperbolic, but come on man.
Yea. They are. Welcome to GAF Nintendo pre E3 console controller leaks/info. It's a great ride I swear to god. Every time.


Jun 14, 2014
If this is a console controller, I'm not interested in the slightest. A second screen is a showstopper for me. Changing focuses during a game is disruptive and annoying, and off-screen-play is not something I would ever use.

If this is a handheld, I'm not sure how I feel. I'll wait for more details.

Even though the pictures seem legit, I'm still thinking the device is not Nintendo's. I'm still waiting for the revolutionary features because they aren't apparent in these pictures.


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Jul 1, 2005
1) I think it is, looks like it can match. Guess charge port is bottom left?
2) I am going to assume you touch like you do on the 3DS. Probably means you do not need to use analogs and touch at the same time. If L/R as wheels and clickable, then it could work as buttons for combat.
It could also be that you just tilt the circle pad towards the button you want to hit. That way buttons can be drawn anywhere around it and you still have a physical interaction.
Feb 19, 2013
If this is real I will enjoy seeing them crash and burn. That gimmick has barely any benefits besides looking cool. It is described like force touch and that is just not good enough to replace buttons.
Besides it looking sexy, the only upside would be that you maybe can use the scroll wheels to switch through button layouts. This would make things more complicated for rather casual players so it isn't something Nintendo is known for.

So now the huge downside:
-the screen is probably expensive and raises the bill of materials a lot. That could have been used for better internal hardware.
-being completely different from the other platform holders means the third party will probably ignore it.
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