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Rocksmith 2014 |OT| - Everything is improved, except the OT.

Bloodhound Gang – $7.99

* Bloodhound Gang “The Bad Touch”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Bloodhound Gang “The Ballad Of Chasey Lain”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Bloodhound Gang “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo”|Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

Women Who Rock II – $7.99

* The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Orianthi “According to You”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [D Standard] | Alt. Lead [E Standard]-
* Veruca Salt “Seether”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

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Kaleo – $7.99

* Kaleo “All The Pretty Girls”|Lead/Rhythm [Capo Required] | Bass [E Standard] –
* Kaleo “No Good”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Kaleo “Way Down We Go”|Lead [E Standard] | Rhythm [Capo Required] | Bass [Eb Standard] –



This game is a fun practice thing. I like being able to play along with the songs like this. The only issue is that I don't learn the songs nearly as well with the game than outside it with tabs or whatever. I really do like the session mode. Never did the lessons but I can see this game being really good for beginners. If the Mac version has custom songs I might get it.
Social Stars – $7.99

* Audrey and Kate “No Reason”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* The Dooo “Guitar Solos with Dooo #2 – Ascend”| Lead [Eb Standard] | Rhythm/Bass [Drop C] –
* Set The Charge “Everything But Me”|Lead/Rhythm [Drop D] | Bass [D Standard] –

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Amaranthe - $7.99

* Amaranthe "Amaranthine"|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [C Standard] -
* Amaranthe "Drop Dead Cynical"|Lead [B Standard] | Bass [E Standard] -
* Amaranthe "The Nexus"|Lead/Rhythm [C Drop Bb] | Bass [Drop C] -

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