Shin Megami Tensei Community Thread: Be Your True Demon


Jan 16, 2011
Sent ya a PM Hylian7 for the discord invite.

Would love to talk about that SMT trailer with yall soon :) Big SMT fan but only ever posted on game OTs. Hope to change that by chatting with yall in the discord!

EDIT : Just got an invite! Thanks!
Oct 27, 2013
I’m not sure I’ve ever talked to anyone here since I only knew about the Persona thread for the longest time, and I’m a lurker than anything else, but I wouldn’t mind an invite.
Mar 25, 2010
Yes, absolutely. I should be able to get them all out within an hour or so.

If you have me on Steam or somewhere else, contact me there and I can send you one.

I'm using single use invites because I don't want a voat invasion.

Edit: I have some volunteers willing to help me get the PMs out there faster, so you might see invites from others.
I would like an invite too if possible. I want to be able to stick with as many of the communities here as I can!
Feb 6, 2013
Never messaged in here, or much on gaf in general, but this community (and the persona community) inspired me to play persona 1&2, plus I'm partway through a SMT1 play through now. So thanks everyone for being such a passionate community, I never would've given the games a try without you guys!

That and the essential rpg thread convincing me to try persona 4, as well as steam gaf are probably my favourite parts of gaf. Any chance I can get an invite to the SMT discord? Probably won't message much but I'd love to just sit on the discussions, especially with SMTV trailer releasing today.

At any rate I'll probably mosey on over to resetERA and probably find a bunch of you there too? Hopefully the approval process doesn't take me as long as it did on GAF (applied only after lurking for 5 years and took 2 years to get approved lol).