Steam Achievement leaks (Pinball FX2, Mortal Kombat, Deadpool, KOF XIII, etc)

Here is the website which has all the information on unknown apps with achievements:

Final Fantasy VII:

Pinball FX 2 (looks to be all the tables):

Skulls of the Shogun:

Mortal Kombat:



Remember Me (Spoilers):


Killing Floor 2

Prey 2:

Metro Last Light (Spoilers:
Nazis, teddy bears, saving electricity
New Quake?

Uhm, Project Ranger


Fiendish Fragger
Get your first frag in the Arenas Eternal
Project Ranger is most likely Quake Live with Steamworks support:

the image is from an existing QL achievement:

so it seems QL will be coming to steam. no bad thing.


thanks for the laugh
Steam letting a pinball game into the service, isn't that one of the 12 signs of the apocalypse?
it tricked gabe's pinball iron curtain algorithm with its "marvel's the avengers" prefix.

expect some serious maintenance time. this shit won't stand.
Deadpool sounds fun.

Suck it, Wolverine!
Complete 'Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!' from start to finish without dying

You've been Cole-slaw-tered!
Die 10 times in a row through the floating stairs
Hmmm, Deadpool. Why didn't they announce the PC version when they reveal the game?
Because Activison is stupid.
Walking Dead was announced for Consoles and PC, then they never talked about the PC Version again, everyone thought it was canceled. 3 days before release it shows up on steam..

Amazing Spider-man was released as a PC retail game but only showed up on the steam Store several months later (and is still broken for AMD cards)

Deadpool was never announced for PC and then somehow it shows up.

Activison doesn't seem to care much about PC but still throws stuff at it sometimes, somehow because I guess it still generates enough money for them.

Stop It

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Wait, KOF 13 is actually happening? That's seriously one of the list I thought was an outlier as one that simple couldn't happen.

Holy shit. Between this and Halo 3 PC. I think someone somewhere said "fuck it, let's port some random stuff to PC to see if people notice".

Wait, and a PINBALL game? that simply can't be right.


I have assigned to you one day for each year its punishment will last.
That pic of Strider has got me real interested.

Strider III announcement at Pax East please
Somebody posted in the XBLA thread a couple of graphics about Strider and they are not from the Capcom arcade. I could see a Strider HD being released by Capcom.
I'd be flipping if they were letting the inferior (fun, but inferior) Zen/FX on the service but kept giving Pinball Arcade (the same game that's on like 72 other platforms) the stiff arm for some reason, but apparently Farsight is meeting with Valve/Steam personally at GDC next week to talk about getting PA on Steam. These are exciting times we live in.

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im starting to wonder if MS has something going on with Steam/Valve such a strange turn for them


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Good thing to see more fighting games on PC. If this happened more regularly I wouldn't even need my PS3.
I'm surprised to see Skulls on the Shogun there. Guess it wasn't selling so great on Microsoft-supported platforms. I hope it does well when it comes out on Steam.

As for the others, no surprise there. Guess that Amazon UK page of MK coming to PC isn't looking like an error right about now.

Great to see Pinball FX2 coming to Steam. I do hope The Pinball Arcade follows suit. I heard there was supposed to be news coming soon from the Texas Pinball Festival this past weekend about the game coming to PC.
Seeing Skulls of the Shogun on there isn't a surprise at all. Microsoft hasn't been shy about releasing games on Steam in the past year, and they obviously know a game will sell better once on other platforms.

Their exclusivity was probably just getting games on Windows 8/Phone/RT first so that they could get their asynchronous multiplayer working right (something they'd never done before cross-platform like this), and also optimize things for ARM devices (which isn't necessarily trivial)