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TEKKEN 7 |OT| How I killed your mother

How is the community online on pc for this game? Thinking about buying it :).

It's pretty healthy actually. I'm probably gonna double dip on the PC version next year, it'll just be infinitely more convenient plus the game will look a fucktonne better than the 900p version I'm playing right now.
How is the community online on pc for this game? Thinking about buying it :).

Seems good. I run into the same people some times but not as much as you might think. The green ranks are pretty well populated, which is where I'd imagine most people who aren't super good but still somewhat competitive end up in.
How is the community online on pc for this game? Thinking about buying it :).

It's excellent. You're never waiting long for a match at peak times. You do have the issue of running into the same peeps. To "reset," I recommend exiting out and switching over to nonranked for a match (or two) and the going back to ranked. Or vice-versa.
Hell yeah I just made Warrior rank for the first time ever, with my Asuka. we eating sports now boys!

So... um... welcome back?

I had this game for PC, then I had to sell my video card, so I was out until I double dipped on Xbox this saturday.

I love this game!


Dayum what happened to this site. I don't post here that much but I still got a lot of my news updates through here. Seems like it's all going down the gutter atm. I thought the site was down due to regular maintenance or something
What is the input for Yoshimitsu's sword swing unblockable move? The one with the insane amount of active frames? I want to practice dealing with it in training but my PC version crashes whenever I enter the movelist for some reason. That and Flash ruin my day online but I figure there's only so much I can do about flash.

Speaking of online, when did everyone start hating the idea of deathmatches? I leave for like a month and a half and the only people that ever stay for more one game are the people that body my shit to and fro. It's hard enough finding people to play in low orange ranks and when I do they're almost always one and dones regardless of. Do most people just play with people on their friends list now?

Sorry for the late response.

u/b+1+2 sword stab becomes sword fan if you tap 1 again
u/b+1+2, 1~bb performs the shortened version of the fan

FYI. It's easy to accidentally input the rage drive (b+1+2) instead of the sword stab/fan when in rage. Keep that in mind, and your inputs clean.

As for the flash. All you need to know for punishment is that it's launchable. If he whiffs it or you somehow block it, do your fastest (usually 15f) launcher.

Also, random clip time: https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryDeadMetalNotLikeThis

Hyun Sai

Åesop;252928671 said:
Is there still no attempt at fixing the low-tier PoS4 version?

Just my opinion, but I guess a big patch is coming with Geese.

I REALLY hope they add the infinite rematch in 1V1 player lobby, god dammit.

My hands are getting better, so back to it I guess after 3 months...

If anyone around East Coast want to spar with a not so good Lee, PSN : Hyunsai972
I hope next year Tekken team releases a narrator patch. They should patch in Lei Wulong as the investigator and get rid of this no name guy. His English voice actor sucks. It would be nice to get a paid story expansion DLC with legacy characters included....


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Is this thread so dead that no one is talking about the input-lag patch for PS4 (also on Xbone and PC)?

Noodalls test:

DisplayLag.com test:

tldr/tldw; Input lag on PS4 is now an average 5 frames over a 99th percentile. In comparison, PC with vsync off is 3.6 frames (but let's call it 4 frames for simplicity sake). PC also got a patch but no test has been done if it lowered input lag with vsync on. I cannot test either systems as I haven't had the time to.

As a bonus, the PS4's loading times has also been improved marginally.


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I just bought the game during Spring sale, and found that Lei is not in the game. WTF Namco, I want a refund.
Ayup. Despite having one of the coolest movesets, Lei lost the popularity contest.

Still salty that we got Trashy Chloe instead.
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