'The Last of Us: Remastered' coming to PS4, July 2014, [1080p, targeting 60 fps]

I'm not sure but maybe we have different interpretations of what 'image quality' means.

If you are just trying to compare what effect the resolution bump has on the look of the game (title screen) then, don't let me stop you...
Typically image quality refers to the, well, quality of the image. That is to say it has little to do with the assets themselves, or the number of polygons, but instead how those assets resolve on screen. The resolution, level of aliasing, texture filtering, etc.
Will be going on my search for the game today and tomorrow at my usual local mom an pop shops. Ill post if I find anything.
Hope you can find a copy and post some direct feed. It's insane how close we are
to release day and still no footage, despite a number of people having access to it.

Is there an NDA in place?
How could you be disappointed that a main menu for a remaster is the same? That makes no sense to me. Out of all the things to find disappointing...a main menu, really? I don'think a single person expected the main menu to be different.

There's nitpicking, then there's nitpicking the nits.
I bought the digital version on PS3 so I find 55$ for the PS4 a little expensive since I can't sell my other version
I'm in the same boat as you, but for me, this game is completely worth it. Just don't make a rash decision.
Just do it, you ass will thank you!!

Good morning bros!1
Late to the party this morning but I agree with gray matter and raptor. I preordered the ps3 digital version last year for full price of course and just preordered the remaster yesterday,both digitally on psn. I was really hoping for a discount as well but once I knew it wasn't happening I dove in. I can't wait to have this in my ass!

Of course this is all subject to how much you enjoyed the game. It was definitely my game of the generation as I look back. GTA V is a close second but it goes to TLOU for the major feels!
Interesting that it defaults the centre speaker to dialogue only. I'd have thought you'd want sound effects there too to help localisation, but seems not?
I'm guessing audio is not directional audio but instead cutscene audio.

I may be making a huge mistake here, but I don't think you want sound effects on the center channel. Those would fall under directional sounds, unless it is a cutscene/movie where you can actually place the sounds and you know where all the pieces are going to be (like the player).

So instead you just pick the degree you want the speakers aligned at. Further out the more it "stretches" or "expands" the sound scape, and the closer they are the tighter everything will be.

Granted this is all off of memory and I could be totally wrong.
So if I wanted to earn all of the difficulty trophies in this (assuming they're the same as the PS3 version) would New Game+ difficulty trophies stack with regular difficulty trophies (for example, if I played through the game for the first time on Hard, then the second time on Grounded+, would I also recieve the regular Survivor and Grounded trophies after my second playthrough)?

Can't wait to go round two on this game!