This is not Reddit. Yet and still, Ask Me Anything

May 23, 2013
Be aware that if you are a dick I will respond in kind.

And I am a dick for a living, so I will crush you.
Clearly you are among friends here.

Any unannounced shit, you can accidentally announce here?

Also, how do you manage to keep so confident in front of massive crowds. Some of the other press guys were stammering through, and I can't do large crowds for shit
Mar 21, 2013
San Francisco
San Francisco says Hello :)

Have you tried out some of the indie games (for any platform) during the conference? Any standouts?

Ubi related question: Have you had a chance to check out Valiant Hearts: The Great War? That's the smaller, digital only title that Ubi is putting out towards the end of this month.

Mar 21, 2013
I would like your perspective about ac unity not having a female char

i don't really care that much about it but i figured a response from a female would be most interesting
What the hell is edgy about suggesting someone's in the bathroom? You gotta get out more son.
Are you seriously wondering what's edgy about claiming she's not going to reply to anyone here and is defecating right after the thread goes up? Maybe you need to get out more, your 'joke' wasn't funny and just reflects poorly on the community.
Oct 12, 2009
Orlando, FL
Glad to see you were back for the third year in a row! You beat out Joel Mchale! (I liked him hosting too, though)

You seemed a little teary-eyed after the Valiant Hearts trailer, and even more overtly overwhelmed after the Rainbow Six video? Was there anything in particular that was causing that?