Trump addresses Charlottesville [Up: Trump's people force him to croak out "racism"]

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Homeland Security Fail
He is about to talk.

White House stream - YT.

Edit -
It was basically:

"Violence on both sides is bad. It's been going on for a long time, believe me. Jobs in this country are amazing! Veterans are good. We all love God, the flag, and America. We need law and order to make it safe for children to play. I have a bill to sign, so all veterans* can receive the most amazing health care. We even worked with some Democrats. See, I can do it!"

"Mr. President, have you denounced the white nationalist groups that support you?"

"... I'm going to sign this piece of paper."

"Mr. President, was this terrorism?"

"I signed the paper! See, I did it! Time for golf!"

* Not transgender ones.

If he doesn't call out on the white nationalists will news media pick up on it or will they continue saying how unexpectedly kind Trump is to call people to unite together?
I'm not anywhere with wifi to watch, hope someone gives a transcript of what is said. I feel he will condemn the violence, but with a kind of, "come on guys" attitude. If this was black lives matter protesting he would call for them to be put down by any means.


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Oh god I clicked on the fox news stram and they were talking about condemning white nationalist s and that was good but then they brought up the both sides argument and just had to shut it off
Is there a delay because Trump has no fucking idea what to say?
Can only imagine how Bannon is trying to spin this right now.

The administration also fired its whole senior-level communications department. Who knew a well-functioning, competent press office was so important?


The success of others absolutely infuriates me.
I hope he uses this opportunity to fucking resign because there's nothing he can do or say to mitigate this disaster. This is a perfect out.


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why the fuck are they talking about va stuff before addressing the more pertinent issue.

EDIT: well I guess the veterans were already there so they deserve respect.


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
Didn't this guy promise to pay the legal fees for people who beat up protestors at his rallies?
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