Unboxing the 500 Million LE PS4 Pro

Anyone else think this needs to be a lighter see-thru? I can’t even see the inside components as is, just looks like a tinted console with blue streaks
i'll try to get one to replace my current PS4 Pro, but I am not going to like get up in the middle of the night for a pre-sale or wait in line for one of these things. Definitely going to try to get one of those controllers though for sure.
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Looks pretty slick, glad more PRO's are in the making since there have been shortages since launch worldwide, that and the spiderman bundle should be a good number of PRO's available in the coming months....

First to a 1 billion systems wins ;) Halfway there, yet, that's alot of systems innit...


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Do you really think they'll make a PS4 Pro Slim? I think they'll just go straight to PS5. PS4 Pro was already niche.
Why wouldn't they make a PS4 Pro Slim? if they move to 7nm it will reduce the size of the power supply & so on so it would only make sense for them to make the PS4 Pro smaller.
People really hating on this? It's gorgeous. I just hate them for the fact that the controller isn't pack in, like dude, come on. 500 euros and you can't pack in that nice ass controller. For . Shaaaaaaaaaaaame.
I'm pretty sure it comes with that special controller also, it's just that it can also be bought separately for a limited time.
Yeah, lol.

Just like the UC4 one, and the 25th anniversary. Both sold separately as well if someone wanted a matching set, or did not score the console but still liked the controller.
I like the design, I don't see the relevancy of the colors, the connection between the design and 500 mill.. but still, cool looking console and accessories
I wish it wasn't so glossy. I can easily imagine you'll see lots of fingerprints all over your controller.
Why couldn't they go with a matte finish... Then I personally would have loved how it looked.
I don‘t know, why would anyone buy this other than reselling it later on? This is afaik 100€ more and looks worse than a normal version. You‘re better off buying a bundle with a game included imho.
Ugly by all means, but I like the idea of bringing back translucent. Only PSone did it right, in fact that was considered one of the few console modern art piece alongside the Gamecube back in it's time, that time is far, faaar...

Also that packages makes no-sense: bundling a Playstation camera for what? What about a second move controllers with it, or instead a second dualshock, or heck even a PSVR if they're including a PS camera...?
The minimalist translucent packaging that the console comes in looks very smart. The actual console: not so much. The triple-layer Pro is an ugly console. It's a step back from the more angular, sleeker original PS4. And the placement of the iconic light bar on the Pro still baffles me.
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