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Watch_Dogs |OT| PS4 would probably melt trying to do this





Street Hack
101 trailer
Character trailer
Multiplayer gameplay
Welcome to Chicago
Season Pass
Hacking is your Weapon
Out of Control

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viveks86 - thread title suggestion
dex3108 - some of the art, I ended up changing a lot but I still used some of your art. Hope you like <3
Levyne - for having insane expectations of this thread in the OT volunteer thread
Seda - for approving the "editions" image, if mods ban me for it -> it's his fault
iNvid02 - for giving helpful tips in the OT volunteer thread!


Awesome OP, can not wait to grab this on PC. Oh, you forgot free-roam in multiplayer, similar to GTA Online where you can just do whatever in the world, not sure on the max count.


Nice OT bro! : )

I'm still excited for this game, less than I was before, but it will be a good time on my PS4.
Tinkerer is so edgy

Looking forward to the PC version for the graphical goodness if nothing else, still a good looking game after all.


Nice OT.
How many pages are allowed in one topic? We are still a week away and i wonder if we will need an OT2 before the release :D


That fucking OT oh lawd, my sides. Yeah totally canceled my pre-order but sticking with this thread for sure.
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