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Will you be joining PC gaming?

Will PC gaming take over next generation now that Sony might release some games there?

  • 1. I'm getting a PS5?

    Votes: 87 48.9%
  • 2. I'm getting a Series X

    Votes: 29 16.3%
  • 3. I will get a PC

    Votes: 62 34.8%

  • Total voters


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Nov 5, 2019
I’m seriously considering do I want to spend £500 each for two consoles or do I want to wait to see exactly if there is any truth to the Last of us 2 coming to p.c as well as others rumours etc and just go fuck it and the £1000 I’d spend on two consoles, just spend on a p.c especially if they pull the pro models on us again mid Gen.

I’m sure I could get something decent for £800 and have £200 spare for games right?

This upcoming Gen I am really torn, it’s either that or wait until they hit £249 each in 2023/24.
Why not just get a PC that will destroy both consoles in power (whether next-gen or mid-cycle next-gen) and wait for the inevitable? :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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Jan 23, 2017
Seriously, why? It's not like Sony is going to stop releasing games for their consoles. You get to play on your PS5, while others play on PC. How and why is this a problem? I honestly want to understand what some of you are thinking, as I just don't get it.

I've always also had a gaming PC. I was already thinking I may pass on this coming gen of consoles (X1 Series X and PS5). Right now I have a PS4, X1X, and 2 PCs that have RTX 2080s in them. If both MS and Sony bring all their games to PC, I will likely only play on PC, and MS and Sony still get their money from me buying their games.
This going to huge mess for Sony. People will be angry when you couldn’t run last of us 2 or Horizon to 60fps on PS5 (or you will be forced to buy a remaster for it) when PC less powerful than PS5 could run even over 60fps

Sony is giving even a poorly support for Pro (no patch for several games such as Bloodborne, Driveclub, The order, etc) and backward compatibility on consoles and people will begin to compare to the Sony games on PC


Feb 24, 2014
Since I already have a PC, I'm going to buy a PS5. Then, after a couple of years, I'll buy a new PC, when the perfomance/price ratio enables me to buy a machine less than 2000€ with at 2x the power of consoles on every front. And that pc will walk by my side until new consoles come, and I'll buy a new one after somentime. Rinse and repeat.
If you are about to buy a PC, I suggest to wait at least for PS5 and XSX to see what kind of specs you should aim for. When new consoles release, games always get a considerable increase in requirements. It happened to my pc bought in 2005, which could run less intensive games at higher settings than consoles, but really failed to deal with anything that required dual core CPU or 256+ MB of VRAM. It was such a confusing experience to see my 1600€ PC run games in a mixed way (I could run Gothic 3(when I upgraded to 2 GB of RAM ) and consoles couldn't , even Crysis (with stutters due to VRAM and single core CPU) , but almost all of the Unreal Engine games were almost out of question). So I really feel the need to express this advice: wait for new console specs to be known, AND BUILD SOMETHING AT LEAST ON THE SAME LEVEL (at least in the cpu and ram department(and maybe SSD, since new consoles seem to make a big deal of it), for GPU you can aim at a reduced resolution and a lower GPU card ) . It's a giant cluster fuck to see your expensive machine fall below minimum requirements after just a couple of years after you bought it.