WSJ reporter : Standard capacity of Switch game card is around 16GB

Aug 21, 2013
I'll be really happy when all of the following questions are answered:

- Will I be able to use most "retail"-type games on game cards without having to download and install a bunch of data?
- What happens when I purchase a game, at retail or digitally, that I want to play online with another family member? Will I need to buy a second copy of the game?
- How much internal storage will the system have?
- How much space will most games take up when downloaded/installed?

These questions are all super inter-related and it sucks having to guess at what the answers might be.
Jun 8, 2004
Standard in this case probably means lowest. I imagine with todays flash memory capability they could go from 16 GB all the way up to 128 GB.

I think the more pressing comment on everyones mind is - if the dock doesn't let you plug in a hard drive and a big name title gets thrown on the Switch that's 70GB with a 30 GB patch, where does it all get stored ? Is the console just going to rely entirely on solid state media ? Or will carts have a huge writable portion to hold patches ? (which could be a pretty effortless back door for pirates).

Guess we'll just have to wait until January.
Feb 9, 2013
Oh boy

This guy shouldnt even be reporting unless he knows what the max is

Im SURE 16GB carts will be used quite often

No reason to ship a game thats under that size on a 32GB cart

Makes sense but I wonder what the range will be
May 22, 2013
That is actually pretty good, if it is the minimum size. What was the 3DS minimum size again? 512MB minimum and a max of 8 GB?

About the usb harddrive option; didn't wiiU get support for that later? It seems likely to me that they will patch that in. They can always do that, right?

The big question now is how large they can get.
Sep 17, 2016
People need to remember before over-reacting that this is standard, not maximum
Lol. There goes any possibility for multiplats. Especially if this and the 4Gb ram is also true...
Too late.
Yeah I really wish this guy would have waited to report this as a "headline." I've already seen a few peeps run with this under the erroneous assumption that the Switch won't be able to play any games that can't be compressed to 16GB or less.