All 42 wrestlers of Legends of Wrestlemania game revealed

Oct 2, 2008
At least all there is I believe:

Images revealing twenty previously undisclosed characters in the upcoming Legends of WrestleMania video game have surfaced online. Presumably, these are the last twenty characters and will reveal over the next few days. Images featuring the following characters surfaced:

- Arn Anderson
- Big Boss Man
- Bret Hart
- Honky Tonk Man
- Hunter Hearst Helmsley
- Jake "The Snake" Roberts
- Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
- Kamala
- King Kong Bundy
- Koko B. Ware
- Michael Hayes
- Mr. Fuji
- Mr. Perfect
- Nikolai Volkoff
- Paul Bearer
- "Ravishing" Rick Rude
- Ric Flair
- Ultimate Warrior
- Undertaker
- Yokozuna

The following characters were confirmed last Friday:

- Hulk Hogan
- Andre the Giant
- Bobby Heenan
- Shawn Michaels
- The Iron Sheik
- Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
- Big John Studd
- Junkyard Dog
- Bam Bam Bigelow
- Sgt. Slaughter
- Dusty Rhodes
- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

The following characters were confirmed this past Monday:

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
- The Rock
- Jimmy Hart
- Road Warrior Hawk
- Road Warrior Animal
- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
- British Bulldog
- "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
Very good roster I think, who knows how the game will play though. Unfortunately, the most glaring omission, Macho Man Randy Savage isn't in it. Neither is Mic Foley. As for the rest, I can't really think of many more to add to the list, maybe Backlund and Owen Hart.
Jun 9, 2004
I'm praying this game wont be a complete turd but I fully expect it to be and I have no intention of buying. Hopefully I'm dead wrong and reviews will be great but I'm not holding my breath.
Jun 8, 2004
I hope this is good. I like wrestling games but the only one I have is Rumble Roses XX. Can't get into the WWE or TNA ones because I haven't watched wrestling in a while and don't know who most of the people in the roster are.
Feb 4, 2005
Vince Vince Vince.. you talk about being a business man and professional but you hold a dumb grudge against Randy Savage clouding you business sense judgment and forbidding him from being in the game

Vince!! why? why? why? Grow up and make up! Put Macho in the god damn game!
Aug 9, 2007
gutter_trash said:
Vince Vince Vince.. you talk about being a business man and professional but you hold a dumb grudge against Randy Savage clouding you business sense judgment and forbidding him from being in the game

Vince!! why? why? why? Grow up and make up! Put Macho in the god damn game!
Wait Macho is not in sale for me
Jul 7, 2007
Crateman said:
Tsk tsk tsk...

And they dare to put "Legends" on the title...
Yeah, what the hell, and the reason for no Mic Foley is pathetic. That dude done so much for the company he deserved better treatment than that.

Vince is an asshole. Even though they have included my personal favorite, Shawn Michaels, I still won't be buying this game for that. Disgusted that there is no Mic Foley.

Fuck Randy Savage, don't give a shit about him, especially after what he allegedly done.
Oct 2, 2008
Guy Legend said:
Wonder if the Macho Man will be DLC...
Probably not, for the same reason he wasn't in the game in the first place. Vince simply doesn't want any association with him. The rumor is, supposed he "did" something with a young Stephanie McMahon, or tried to. I take those rumors for what they're worth, but it says a lot there are very, very few wrestlers - if any - besides Randy Savage who have been completely blacklisted by Vince McMahon. I mean, he brought Hulk back after years of bad blood; along with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. He brought Goldberg in. He inducted Bret Hart into the HOF after the screwjob/WCW defection. He brought Sable back when she even sued the company for sexual harassment. He even brought Eric Bischoff in, when he was his biggest competitor.

So with all that being said, there really, really must have been something Savage did to get blacklisted like that. Supposedly his DVD is coming out this year, after last year it was about to go through and it was nixed by Vince.
Jun 6, 2004
I haven't watched any wrestling in the past, hm, 15 years, but wasn't Lex Luger kinda important back in the days? or did something important happen to him too, like the stuff with Randy Savage or Chris Benoit? I would have liked to see Lex Luger in the game.
Jun 7, 2007
Four Horsemen. Yea, ok I vaguely remember his face. I stopped watching wrestling about 1985. What about Paul Orndorrf? He deserves a spot at least for wearing those red jocks. No wonder the guys veins always seemed to be popping out.
Jun 6, 2004
First, I want to say the roster is really good. The following is mostly just nitpicking.

I agree with people wondering where are: Eddie Guerrero, Ricky Steamboat, and Tito Santana? I guess Guerrero could be too "new school" for the game, but they did induct him into their hall of fame immediately after his passing.

I'm surprised Michael Hayes is in. Even though he's a front office guy with WWE, he shouldn't be in since the game is mostly for people who were actually a part of WrestleMania back in the day. If he ever appeared at Mania managing the Hardy Boyz, please excuse me for forgetting. :p

Guys I thought could have been in given they're either in the hall of fame and wrestled in WrestleMania -or- were a big part of the shows.

Don Muraco - He might be too old school
George Steele - Better choice than Koko B. Ware...
Harley Race - Like Dusty, he was only there at the end of his career, but being one of the all-time greats should have him be included
Paul Orndorff - HOF'er and was in the first main event
Sycho Sid - He did manage to main event two Manias somehow

Also, (don't hit me) they should have just gone ahead and thrown Cena in.
Dec 5, 2008
The rosters look great and I would dearly love to re enact some of the greatest bouts of my childhood but the gameplay looks utter garbage! Maybe if it drops to bargain prices, I might give it a go but until then I'm out.