Dark Souls Mafia |OT| Git Gud or Die Trying

I'm not sold on Nin as neutral, and I sure don't believe he's town. Todays performance made it worse, and I think these posts about me being hellbent on his lynch were meant to discourage me from it without naming any good reason.
I pointed something out that was and still holds truth. I mean Nothing would have swayed you away from voting me so I don't even try to argue about it since it's something you have been set on since several days.
Help me out then.
I mean it's hard since if you are town Sawneeks, it means that the neutral has to make up his mind and since I am doubtful of muffin being the neutral it's a bit much to ask a mafia member to bus his teammate.
That entire sentence is a rollercoaster.

Are you saying Oreo/Muffin are a team or are you implying Oreo won't buss you? :p
I pointed something out that was and still holds truth. I mean Nothing would have swayed you away from voting me so I don't even try to argue about it since it's something you have been set on since several days.
I've been suspicious of you for several days, but I went for other options when I was presented with better arguments against those. So I don't see how this is true.
Muffin's sudden silence is the weirdest to me tbh
I was in bed the whole day and just ate pizza, didn't want to make my keyboard greasy :p

And generally there isn't as much to discuss as previous days when 3/4 of other players are anti-town and probably trying to mislead me

I probed where I wanted to probe and make my vote accordingly.
Aw man, pizza sounds pretty great right now. :x

And yeah, I guess you do have a point...

just hate how it feels like we're sliding into a loss. it's kinda frustrating.
Since we're so close to the end of the possible last day, it's been an honor to play with everybody, and my fellow town player, sorry if I suspected you.

Saw, if I find out post-game that you're the neutral or something... :p
actually muffin, honest question.

why Nin over Oreo?

i know i already asked but i thought you felt he was more neutral than anything
Uh, not really. I think I've been consistent on him being scum till today. When you said earlier that you think he's more town you also said that neutral is the anti-town role you would rather give him instead of scum.

I'm not really sure I agree. What I see as the neutral has always been more somebody like Oreo. And Nin has too much anti-town behaviour imo to be town.

nin1000 (3) voted out by majority
isaacnukem 1888
Muffin1611 1916
Sawneeks 1921
oreomunsta (Not counted - Majority already reached) 1926

oreomunsta (0): nin1000 (Not counted - Majority already reached) 1922

Everyone voted!

Day 6 Postcount: isaacnukem 23, Muffin1611 32, nin1000 21, oreomunsta 13, Sawneeks 44

All of that struggle, all of that sacrifice, all of it in vain.
In the end only one figure remains amongst the ash, heavy with humanity to offer to his fair lady.
The Chaos Servant served well.

oreomunsta, The Chaos Servant, WINS

sawneeks died, she was incinerated by the arsonist
Muffin1611 died, he was killed by darkwraiths

sawneeks was Yuria of Londor - Godfather
Stanleypalmtree was a Darkwraith
isaacnukem was a Darkwraith

Burbeting was Solaire of Astora(praise the sun) - Doctor
Trigger was Sirris of the Sunless Realm - Cop
Christina Mackenzie was Big Hat Logan - Hypnotist

Death, however, is not the end. Not in Lordran, not in Lothric, and not here.
In Dark Souls every death, every failure, is a lesson. It is an opportunity to learn from the past. Every death helps makes us better at the game.
I hope that can be the case here as well.
This game was designed to force players to rely on reads of the behavior of other players and generally play outside of a comfort zone.
To improve the quality of those reads going forward I recommend going back over this thread, knowing what we know now.
What pieces of information didnt you analyze or even pick up on? What red herrings did you chase? How did you allow yourself to be manipulated?
The reads you got right and the reads you got wrong, try to see if you could improve your logic.
And most of all talk to each other about the game. ask scum what they were worried about or why they made the choices they did.

Thank you to everyone who played the game and special thanks to YNNY for her assistance with vote counts and Fat4All for the day start banners
Who could have saw that coming... Oreo should have died days ago. Clearest non-town of the game.

Even still, congrats on the neutral win, and the near scum win.... No soup for Town.

Oh yeah, 0-5.
town deserves to starve in the darkness

I blame Monkey for telling me that Saw always played different as scum in contrast to this time :p

I was wrong.

A lot.
also biggest shout outs to Stan and Isaac - you guys rocked. For both of you being new Scum here you guys did great with no chat.

sorry we couldn't avenge you though, Stan. :<
Grats players and GM for completing Dork Souls Mafia!!

Well played, Oreo!!!

MVP for me is Sawneeks <3

Gg town and scummies :D

So, what do you all think about the open set up??? Feedback, please :)

Also, boards are opened now \o/
Sorry Sawneeks, I let you down.
Nah, you played great. We were just in a tough spot when it came to finding the Neutral - Oreo kept up a good appearance at the end and it's hard not to doubt Nin. Think if we had a chat we might have been able to work it out but that's alright. <3

oh yeah, wanted to ask you and Stan. Why Burb on Night 1? I mean it worked out GREAT in the end but I really wondered why you guys voted for him.
Congrats oreo. I actually really thought you were the neutral in the last day. Sawneeks was really pushing hard for you, but I didn't have anything on you at that point so I thought it would be bad if you I voted for you. You were my most neutral read, you played a perfect game.

@Sawneeks I don't think I'd fair well with a scum chat, this game was great for me because I could ignore you and Stan with all my heart and just really act like a townie, but with the neutral in my sights. About the voting, I thought you and Stan would've noticed but I just followed all your choices along :)

I knew I made a mistake yesterday, so I sent squidyj a message saying I goofed, and I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Here we are.

PS: Sawneeks, one question, why didn't you vote for oreo? You and nin could've voted for him, and there would've been a 5% chance that Muffin switched. But it's all in the past now. I'll listen to you more the next time we play again, you're awesome!