[Destructoid] Leaked photo of NX controller?

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Doesn't look like a comfortable controller at all. But technically that's pretty impressive and something I doubt Nintendo is capable of pulling off. Samsung, sure, they build their own displays. Nintendo, nah.
Sharp would be making these displays, which also own the patent to this technology.
It's super weird, and the user on that posted this on Reddit is also strange. Only saw 2 other posts in his history before he made the thread about it, and the two other posts were links to this photo in other NX threads. It al happened today, too.


On top of that, there's something really off about the photo. I can't quite put my finger on it, though. It doesn't seem very Nintendo like at all. So much of the screen is covered by your hands, and what if an enemy decides to pop up on that side of the screen. I don't know, it just seems super impractical.


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I'm hoping it looks like this since it's a dev kit and the retail product gets more refined. Nintendo has a history of doing this between first reveal and final product.
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