Final Fantasy IX now out on Android and iOS

Dec 7, 2011
England, UK
What's New
- Manual screen rotate button added. Tap the rotate icon on the title screen to rotate the screen.
- Text regarding available space necessary edited. (No changes made to space requirements.)
- Bug where Vivi's "Reflectx2" ability causes Magic Stones to deplete and abilities to disappear now fixed. (In the case of Magic Stones, up to the maximum limit will be restored. Please note that this will cause all equipped abilities to be unequipped.)
- Other bugs fixed.
Oct 26, 2006
Pennsylvania, USA
I gave up and started playing FFVIII on Steam. The thirst for nostalgia had parched me beyond tolerance. It's my first time playing it since the original PS1 release. The game holds a special place for me. I couldn't wait for the original to release and then get localized so I began teaching myself Japanese, intending to import it. I ended up waiting for the English version, but thinking about this game takes me way back to that sweet obsession. It's such a treat to experience again and put myself back in that wide-eyed mindset, getting blown away at every moment.

Also the port is fucking terrible. I had to mod it to high hell just to get it looking somewhat modern. Also had to map keyboard keys to my DS3 with a third party tool. There's no rumble. But after about a half day's work I got it looking and playing just wonderfully. It makes me really wish for a port this good that's fully supported by SE. And it also makes me worried for the IX port. But thankfully everything we've seen so far points to a more thorough effort.

Come on IX!
Jan 7, 2009
I hope I don't get people mad with this bump, but the game got an update on iOS and Android. Now the analog stick works in the dead zone, yes!

Also, it's a delta update, so you don't need to download 2gb again.

I hope SE hires this studio again. They are doing an amazing job. Not only it's a great port, but they are listening to feedback and fixing issues.
Apr 7, 2014
SORRY for bumping without new news, but...

Something is happening.

You can see that PC testing has increased since the mobile version was released and yesterday was the first time ever when someone was (or a computer was left overnight) playing the game continuously.

I think release is close, definitely before the month is over.
SE pls, spare us from the suffering.

I really want to play this great game again.


that puzzling face
Aug 26, 2013
Seriously, knock it off and stop bumping this thread unless it's relevant to the android/iOS version as cleverly concealed in the thread title.

If it releases, it releases, make a new thread then.
Feb 4, 2005
Does anyone have a working MFI controller with the iOS version? If so, which one? I'm in the market for buying something and I'm fed up with waiting for Square to patch it.