Four in June - Can You Handle The Backlog Heat?

The challenge is simple, complete four games in June. They can be games you started in May 2013, or December 1997, it doesn't matter, just get them done by June.


How Long to Beat
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My List:

Alan Wake (PC)
Pokemon: HeartGold (DS)
Just Cause 2 (PC)
Advance Wars (GBA)

New list:

Alan Wake (PC)
Civilization V (PC)
Pokemon: HeartGold (DS)
Advance Wars 2 (GBA)
Uncharted 3
Dragon Age: Origins
Professor Layton and the Last Specter
God of War I

DAO I'm already most of the way through, but it's a pretty hefty game and I've been working on it for a while, so I'll be happy to finally have it stop sucking up all my time.
Haven't been playing much since school and all but with no games coming out, I can work out the smaller titles I have:

- Fairy Bloom Freesia
- Super House of Dead Ninja
- Trine
- Final Fantasy XIII (I really need to beat this game but I'm only on Chapter 4 ugggh)
Haven't been playing much since school and all but with no games coming out, I can work out the smaller titles I have:

- Fairy Bloom Freesia
- Super House of Dead Ninja
- Trine
- Final Fantasy XIII (I really need to beat this game but I'm only on Chapter 4 ugggh)
One thing people always talk about is don't treat this like a job, if you aren't liking a game then just drop it.
Started all of these in May, so I've put various amounts of progress into each:

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
I'll throw in.

Dead Survivor
Cthulhu Saves the World
Cave Story+
and because I am a masochist, and in honor of the upcoming release of the sequel: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne.

I'm a third of the way through Dead Space and almost done with Cthulhu, played Cave Story in its freeware incarnation, but Nocturne is going to be a raging bitch. It's the only SMT game that I've never finished, usually because I get caught in a loop of trying not to grind so that I can get magatama skills as I need them, and then needing to grind to get cash to heal with.

Wish me luck!
Saint's Row: The Third
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
Timesplitters 2 (oh god, it's deep, now)


The Swapper
Lollipop Chainsaw

edit: This was a real gimmie list. I was basically already done with Timesplitters and Saint's Row, and Gunpoint is a short game. I appended The Swapper, Kairo, and Lollipop Chainsaw
My List -
Fez (PC) (Not sure what is really considered "Beating Fez" at this point, but I'll play 'till I feel satisfied)
Paper Mario : Sticker Star
Batman : Arkham City
Thomas Was Alone
Edit: Herp a derp. Just had a sleep deprived moment. Next month is June, all of these but one come out then. I'll make a different post later :D

You mentioned it could be games started in May so most of my four will be new. Have a nice little break between the next set of classes so I imagine I'll get some good gaming time in.

Remember Me
Pre-ordered for PC via GMG, hope it turns out well. At the very least it won't be a source of regret on the same level of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Omerta. You win some, you lose some.

The Last of Us
Paid off the Survival Edition whenever it was announced, can't remember when. Really looking forward to this, and can't wait to play against the human AI which seems like it could finally be something to remove Fear from the throne.

Muramasa Vita (at least one of the characters)

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Came very close to completion, but encountered a side-quest bug which prevented 100% completion which given I had beat the game before completely removed the desire to continue on. Will so some time next month.
Four from the list

Liberation Maiden
Oracle of Seasons
Super Mario 3D Land
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Harvest Moon GBC
Icewind Dale
King's Bounty: Warriors of the North
Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut
F.E.A.R. 2
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Completed - and it was awesome

Surprisingly I ended up beating Rocketbirds: Hard Boiled Chicken and Journey instead of playing what I listed. So I guess I'll count those for the month instead :p.
I've managed to beat all the other challenges this year so four games in June shouldn't be that tough. Let's see...I think I'll go with these:
• Silent Storm (PC)
• Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (PS2)
• Kingdom Rush (iOS)
• Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)
Revised list: Only games released prior to June. Sorry for the brain lapse <3

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut

Warriors Orochi 3(normal playthough)
Metro 2033
Metro Last Light
Toki to towa (second half before EU release...)
Mugen Souls

I'll go with this for now. Possibly adding Tales of Vesperia ps 3 to the list later.
HarmoKnight (I heard it's not that long) - Done! Maybe I'll go back to get all the gold flowers. (03.06.)
Super Mario 3D Land (Second Quest should be good)
NFS Underground 2 (always wanted to go back)
Either Motocross Madness (XBLA) or Denpa Men 1 or Mutant Mudds.

New Leaf will take up a lot of my time.

Edit: It's not gonna happen. Too much to do. What little time I have goes into New Leaf and Fire Emblem.
Well I didn't get shit done in May, but here goes;

Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Luigi's Mansion 2
Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fingers crossed I don't fail epically this time round. Meant to be finding a job, so I guess that would be a good excuse. Then Animal Crossing comes out halfway through, so that uncompletable monster will consume my playtime.


We don't have "get out of jail free" cards, but if we did, she'd have one.
ohgod I have no idea what I want to commit to this month, outside of Rhythm Thief and last month's unfinished PixelJunk Shooter. I'll have to think about it and revisit.

Revised list: Only games released prior to June. Sorry for the brain lapse <3
You know, you could do games that are released in June if you really think you can beat them before the month ends. It's not against the rules or nothin'. :)
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  • Sonic Colors
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary

In other words, only one of those will be finished.
Well I just picked up a 3DS last month, so I'm mainly playing that.

My Goals:
Beat Luigi's Mansion 2
Get further in MH3 (Can't see myself beating that in a month)
Beat Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Pokemon Black 2, only 2 badges left.
Already committed to six.

Myself and five other friends have committed to doing six games in June, picking one for each other (and one self). Its six for six on six!

My selection is:
- System Shock 2,
- Vampire: Bloodlines,
- Super Mario 64,
- Cave Story+,
- Resident Evil 4,
- Spec Ops The Line

Some of them I am very ashamed to have never finished... :'(
Haven't had much time to beat games over the last few months but I'll give it a try

Half-Life 2 (Already played about 9-10 of it)
A Double Fine game (Haven't decided yet but either Iron Brigade, Psychonauts or Brutal Legend)
Portal 2 Co-Op (If that counts as my girlfriend just got the game)
and maybe Vanquish, haven't played anything on my PS3 in a while
My goals:
Alan wake (PC)- Done June 6
Metroid Fusion (GBA)- Done June 7
Crimson shroud (3ds)
Penny Arcade- On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness 3- Done June 7


We don't have "get out of jail free" cards, but if we did, she'd have one.
Perhaps I took the May bit literally, plus it is a backlog thread I suppose which generally would be made of older games.
Yeah, that's what I thought. If that's the case I can take out Halo and put in Last of Us since I know I'm finishing that ASAP.
I'm sure Grief will confirm, but it shouldn't matter when the games are released. The challenge is just to beat four games in June; the backlog part is only mentioned as part of a humorous thread subtitle.

...Maybe other people see it differently, but IMO once you've obtained a game it's on your to-play list (a.k.a. "backlog") regardless of whether you cross it off a few hours later or let it collect dust for twenty years before taking the shrinkwrap off. But that's just me!
Awesome, just finished today: The Saboteur(360).
Will work on:
Resident Evil: Revelations(360)
Ratchet: Deadlock HD(PS3)
Remember Me(360)
I failed last month, I only manged to finish one game. Hopefully, I can get back on track this month. My games for the month:

Infamous 1, Good ending
God of War 3
Dead Space 2
The Last of Us
Well I will have to be 3DS heavy since most of my available TV time is taken up by the Indians and my laptop is having heat issues, so I will go with:

Luigi's Mansion 2
Crimson Shroud
Starship Defense
Dragon Quest VIII (I won't finish it but I want to put a hurting on it at least)
4 is a piece of cake this month, have a bunch of shorter games towards the top of my queue.
PC Prince of Persia Sands of time
PC Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
PS3 Genji Days of the Blade
PS2 Suikoden Tactics
GC Resident Evil Zero
DS Star Wars Clone Wars Jedi Alliance
Playing SMT Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the PSP as well as Disgaea 2 on the PS Vita, but I love both games and will not finish them for months.
Massive list

Mass Effect
Red Dead Redemption
Sleeping Dogs
Spec Ops The Line
God of War HD
The Last of Us

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Animal Crossing NL
Phoenix Wright T&T
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Virtual Console Games

And I'll probably play Animal Crossing more than any of these games :(

My summer vacation has pretty much started though (just easy finals next week) so I can dedicate a lot more time to playing games
I'm gonna be playing a lot more Rising Storm.

Cry of Fear is certainly going to get more attention. Game is scary as FUCK.

Also, I should probably try and finish Tomb Raider :/

EDIT: Am I allowed a second playthrough of Metro Last light?
Ok first time participating for me :)

Max Payne 3 (360) - Finished 1st June

New Super Mario Bros 2 (3ds)
Dead Space (PC)
Fable 2 (360)

I am pretty confident that ill be able to through the remaining 3.
One thing people always talk about is don't treat this like a job, if you aren't liking a game then just drop it.

This is pretty true. I wasted half of last month trying to force my way through a game that just didn't work. Then I spent a few days after that with another game before finding out I didn't like it and stopped. Listed 3 games to start with for May, wound up finishing the first on that list, and two that weren't. Rushing through Amensia when I was so deathly afraid of playing it to begin with was interesting. Near the end had no idea why I was so afraid of the game to begin with, not that scary.

Anyhoo, going on vacation this month for half of it, so time to clear up some portable backlog!

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors
The World Ends With You
Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

Never played the Wii version, so first time with DKCR, so it counts. Not sure how to count the last one though. Does only 1 "game" of it count? Does the whole thing count as 3 games? Not sure how compilations work.

At any rate, I'll add more probably when I get through these. 999 will probably be first.
Time to put down MH3U for justa little bit I suppose..

LoZ: Oracle of Season
LoZ: Oracle of Ages
Spec Ops: The Line
Red Dead Redemption
Soul Sacrifice - on last fight for story, MP about 50% done

Time Permitting:

Edit: I guess I'm good? 4 down, more to go...