I adore and Love Capcom , you?

Konami used to be one of the best companies in all of video games as well. They still have an incredibly strong list of IPs...

Do they deserve that same kind of undying love?
Similar to Konami, I love the Capcom of the 8 and 16-bit generations.

But I know there's a lot of good folks working at Capcom of America who do their best to make good things happen, even if the Japanese side of things makes things difficult.
They're the poster boy for "used to be cool."
Nah thats definitely Sega. Their games now while amazing , simply dont compare to back in the day. And none of their games even feel like they have that Sega DNA.

Capcom on the other hand still do make great games , but with plenty of issues with management and decisions.
Capcom is like a family member who constantly disappoints you but still makes you laugh. Their games don’t suck but they make baffling business decisions no one should want them to fail otherwise fighting games go on an 8 year dirt nap again.

They’re hardly Sega or KONAMI who flat out don’t make good games anymore: Yakuza excluded and AM2 if they’re ever allowed to do Virtua Fighter again.
Capcom is like a family member who constantly disappoints you but still makes you laugh. Their games don't suck but they make baffling business decisions no one should want them to fail otherwise fighting games go on an 8 year dirt nap again.
Fighting games never went into a 8 year dirt nap they were being made the entire time after capcom stopped giving a fuck and they will be made after capcom stops giving a fuck again
I legitimately cannot get my head around giving Capcom credit for the creation of Platinum Games.

Yeah, Clover might have been the starting point and why the staff knew each other, but the very formation of Platinum was a response to Capcom fucking with their staff (and eventually, the removal of Clover's funding).

What you respect there is the staff who used to work for Capcom, absolutely not Capcom themselves.
Fighting games never went into a 8 year dirt nap they were being made the entire time after capcom stopped giving a fuck
Oversimplification but it became totally niche aside from 3D stuff I probably should have said “Capcom fighters”. Even Mortal Kombat sucked for a while and Namco kept the genre afloat.
I love so many fanchises from Capcom. Dead Rising 1/2/OTR, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Street Fighter, and the versus series are some of my favorite games. Their recent stuff is still good, but is missing a certain touch. I love Street Fighter 5 (a lot of issues should be fixed with AE), Ace Attorney is still good (Spirit of Justice was weak though), and despite having a terrible art direction MVCI is really fun. It's not all good though. I absolutely hate Dead Rising 4 and Resident Evil 7. Capcom still has great talent, but terrible management from the look of things.
I, too, still appreciate Capcom, even in its current state. They’ve disappointed me on occasion — I always felt like the Lost Planet games and the Bionic Command reboot felt like wasted effort last gen, but I still ended up really enjoying Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 (lucky enough I was able to play RE5 a few times through completely coop, which was not a highly accessible way to play for a lot of people).

I started my own gaming career with a Sega Genesis and Sega Dreamcast and I don’t think I come even remotely close to feeling bad about Capcom compared to how profoundly upsetting Sega generally feels to me these days. Sega can still crank good stuff with the original Vakyria Chronicles and the Yakuza games, but post-Xbox, seeing Sonic be such an inconsistent experience, not getting PSO2 released out of Asia, lack of their line of arcade racers (Outrun, Daytona, Sega GT) and Virtua Fighter being completely absent from current lineups, etc... That’s a dead and largely disappointing company to me. Yakuza is great... and that’s about it. Sonic is occasionally fine, but I just don’t feel trust enough to feel great.

I’ve had fun with RE5 and RE6 despite the bad acclaim, RE7, Street Fighter IV and V, DMC4 and DmC, MVC3, UMVC3, and MVCI, almost every Monster Hunter game released in the West since the switch to Nintendo platforms — pretty much all around the time that people have started to say Capcom has been bad... They’ve still been largely just fine to me. More importantly, the releases of the listed games above have been consistent enough so that Capcom has basically remained relevant to me.

MVCI has absolutely some of the worst presentation issues I’ve seen in a Capcom game, or really any game I want to have a lot of passion for... I also dropped SFV within a month because of the poor net play, but barring that, I didn’t personally HATE anything else about that game — aspects of it felt a bit underwhelming, I admit, but overall it didn’t feel awful — the netplay problems just prevented it from feeling excellent. I haven’t returned in any substantial way to really try and revisit the topic of SFV since, but it does seem like the community hates it. I enjoy watching it get played competitively, which I guess is part of the point a lot of people make, but I did genuinely think the launch version of the game would have been fine (but not amazing) if the net code had been way better right off the bat.

So, yeah. Capcom has had missteps, but I don’t think they’ve ever really dived off the deep end like so many people seem to claim. I think Konami and Sega have done far worse jobs at maintaining their classic high bars, and out of the old Japanese greats, I feel like Capcom and to a lesser extent Namco have felt ... fine. Not as exceptional as they used to be, but not shit-awful like people try to make it out to be.
I lost interest in Capcom around the time they shut down Clover Studios. I was only really ever interested in them because I liked Kamiya and Mikami's games. When those guys bailed, I did the same.
I've liked a lot of their games. They've published some great ones and I still think they release some interesting stuff.

I don't think I've ever reached "loved" status by I also don't feel overtly negative to them over their current output even if nothing interests me.

They still have the potential to come out with something interesting to me at any time.
Peak Capcom was when they still developed licensed games that are not just Fighters'.


Capcom/Disney magics is it for me, moreso than modern Capcom
People hate on Capcom but I would hate to see the industry without them. They drop the ball from time to time but a focused Capcom can give any other developer hell.

They spawn talent too, Clover...now Platinum Games and Mikami with Tango Gameworks.
My taste in games could not be less different. I don't think I have even bought one Capcom game this gen. My last would have been Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS. Like 5 years ago now.
I used to be a big fan, but these days, they've lost a lot of my trust. Maybe if DMC5 happens and actually looks good, I'll feel a little better about them, but otherwise, they need to get their shit together.
I honestly don't care about Capcom. I'm mostly a Japanese game fan, and Capcom is probably the only big Japanese game company that I just can't give two shit about. Not just now, always. I just can't get into whatever they make.
Capcom has my favorite franchises (with Nintendo being #2) and Street Fighter 4 got me back into gaming in the 360/PS3 generation.

Despite their missteps, I'm impressed they're one of the few Japanese companies still making AAA games.
Capcom was incredible in the 90's and early 2000's but they became really inconsistent last gen. It felt like they lost the creative spark that they used to have.