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SNSD The Boys Japan repackage album:

-「The Boys」Japanese ver., 1 new song, 3 songs in 1st album (remix ver.)
- Total 15 songs
- New jacket photos

- First Press Edition, Limited Period Edition: Special case, Digipak, 36p photobook, bonus DVD(「The Boys」English ver., 「BAD GIRL」M/V)

Wondering if that's really a new song or just the engrish version of The Boys.

can anyone in this thread arrange a dinner date for me and IU?
You could probably beat up one of the idols she seems kind of interested in (Wooyoung). Taeyang - her major crush - would likely knock you down, though.

Running, of course, with the caveman sexual logic that romance is organised by contests of male brutality.

I really gotta get around to watching Running Man. I remember the first six episodes had me crying with laughter. Don't know why I stopped watching really.

Edit: lol at OC's TeamLiquid ban. I've been on the receiving end of dumb bans, but damn.

They take their job very seriously on tl.net. They do here too I guess, but on tl it is NO FUN ALLOWED.

They should have picked up that subber who was working on IY2 before Kshownow got to him/her imo. It's only gonna get worse (which is a good thing for everyone else)

Saw episode 2 of IY2. That girl fro Kara was really entertaining. She's like the new Sunny who seems to have taken a backseat lately. Maybe she's just tired or bored or misses her old IY crew (whom I still think are better) but we'll see how the season goes.

Hyo, Bora, and Suzy (
when she looks 18
) are so damn Hot.

To my untrained eye, Hyo looks like she's about to toss the kid.
Naw, from what I remember, Hyo is great with kids. She's second only to Sunny as proven on the show Hello Baby though I think Sunny was a baby-hog more then anything else

Damn, looks like I got my work cut out for me. Better start taking my vitamins.

You also got to love her because she doesn't put up with that cutesy ayego bullshit.


Chorong got that shikshin potential.

안녕하세요 레인보우 유닛 펑클이에요!! ㅎㅎㅎ 펑클막내현영입니다^^

Hello I am Rainbow’s unit group Funkl!! Hehehe I am Funkl’s maknae Hyun Young
Funkl ?


Currently polling second in Australia's federal election (first in the Gold Coast), this feral may one day be your Bogan King.
Any one wray out.

Oh Rainbow and your Engrish.
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