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Jul 7, 2004
I had to make the same decision and they both looked good to me, but I got vacation getaways (camper van) instead. The three builds are all awesome, you get a van, a house (with a Jeep) and a speed boat.
Thanks for the input! Yeah that camper looks great and a better "build" than the lighthouse. All three models are amazing and I think that's the biggest appeal to that set - but it's unlikely I'll get around to building all three.

I got the lighthouse because 1): it's cheaper (saving for a switch!); 2) I might give the entire thing away as a gift; or 3) give it to my daughter (although the camper set is as much a play set as it is a vehicle so she would probably equally love that).

I also think the modularity of the light house to be pretty clever and my daughter may have a lot of fun messing about with that aspect.

I have no doubt in my mind the camper art is the better one if I were to exclusively keep it for myself and also just as a build. But yeah the money was a big part of it.

Part of my philosophy these days is to not just buy something because it's cheap. Better to pay a bit more on something you actually want - any hint of hesitation just means you don't super want it so you can do without it. That's just how I feel about this dilemma - the lighthouse has always looked like a cool little set piece. It's just a way I try to curb Lego buying.

And argh, it's a long weekend here and all the shops are holding really good sales. One place has all toys for buy one get one half price and their Lego is typically 10-15% cheaper any way. Might be time to get the set I've really been eyeing up - the ninjago movie lightning jet!


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Oct 4, 2014
Angle is the way to go. Make it look like it is banking.
The falcon swooping through the asteroid field in ESB is my GOAT falcon scene. And of course a close second is the falcon chase on Jakku with Rey at the helm since its so reminiscent of that ESB clip.

Phon, I think you've sufficiently convinced me that's the way to mount the falcon.
Feb 18, 2013
Man i hope gaf survives this, I loved all the dedicated OTs and communities it had. Nothing else quite like it on the internet. It was fun having a thread with a bunch of lego fans to just chill out and post our stuff. Is there anything similar thats active? Im not a huge fan of reddits upvote system
Feb 3, 2009
My boy went through the TRU catalogue, circling what he wanted. He is only 4 so he mostly just picks stuff based on color. But he circled the BB-8 lego set saying "I need it to go with R2-D2" (I built him the UCS R2 last year). Little did he know BB-8 was already sitting in the closet :)
Jul 12, 2015
I love you guys, and hope to see you somewhere else.
If you guys can PM me a discord invite, I want to follow you guys to the other side. Thanks!!

To everyone else, I've shared a ton of memories with you all and am lucky to call you all friends. Cheers, all, and I hope we see each other elsewhere. Ghost, Ryu, Phon, Wet, you were all reasons I got back into Lego. Keep in touch.
Jul 13, 2014
Will LEGO GAF migrate to Resetera or any other place, or just Discord so far? If so, i'd also like an invite. This was the first, "Real" LEGO community i found aside from unpersonal blogs and you guys played a huge part in reactivating my LEGO - love :(
Nov 29, 2009
Not used Discord before but really want to stay in the loop with LEGO Gaf. I've long since stopped lurking on the rest of the forum and barely contributed anyway. But I would appreciate an invite too, if that's okay.
Jun 16, 2013
We can’t stay on a forum we can’t trust will be stable or is at risk of being randomly shut down for any random reason. This is a non political community (minus Lego vs bootleg politics ) and being used as an excuse by others to run away from their personal issues is not ok with us. There are other reasons we are leaving to build a community we have more control over (where we can always be accessible) but I have no interest in bringing those reasons in here in more detail than I have already said. As to where we are going, it may be two places but for now it’s discord where we can control our own destiny. If you want to join us contact phonciplebone or ghostmind on twitter or contact me on Flickr. I hope to see you all soon.