NPD will no longer release monthly hardware/software unit sales

Commence GAF meltdown in 5... 4... 3...

- removal of monthly hardware unit sales figures
- a shift in the Top 10 software from sku level with unit sales for the Top 5, to Top 10 software at the title level with no unit sales
Silver lining:

As per The NPD Group's policy, NPD hardware and software subscribers are permitted to release sales figures for their respective products - a practice that NPD will continue to support.


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cvxfreak said:
Yeah, I predict leaks that you can find if you know where to look.
if NPD isn't releasing them to their subscribers, not quite sure where the leaks are going to come from..
Psychotext said:
You fucking clowns, now all that will happen is that people will give more credence to madeupchartz.

IOI just creamed his little panties.
Not to give any credit to ioi, but by now we know they are not entirely made up (They are usually within 10% of NPD, would be pretty awesome if he guessed it right all year though, man should go to the casino then)
Regulus Tera said:
Gaf if we all put one dollar monthly we'd be able to have access to the numbers or something. :(
1. People are too cheap to pony up on a regular basis for such an expensive subscription.
2. GAF is a public forum, and supposedly only the related parties may announce their own numbers publicly.