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PS4 Hardware Review Thread




Power draw and noise are impressive:

(PS3 Slim is @ 120W for comparison)

Looks to me like there's some sort of OS bug when the menu is brought up with regards to the power consumption. The game should idle when in the menu. That's the kind of thing I think will get fixed in the future.


I've always found hardware reviews so useless.

It's the same old obvious stuff that everyone already assumes about consoles launches.

"Lack of Big AAA games"

"There is potential here but we have to wait and see"

"They COULD implement 3rd party DRM"

Who didn't know this going in? You can just look at the launch lineup and you have already discovered half of the points made in these reviews.

Kotaku's is the worst kind: "Not Yet!" - Oh really, you mean the console UI, games, and features will improve moving forward? How profound.


Maybe this generation has gone on so long that reviewers have forgotten what a console launch is like. It's a given that it will take years to match the library of the 360 or PS3, and anyone buying a console should expect a bit of a drought for 6 months to a year - which is why I'm going to be waiting at least that long to jump in.


From a hardware standpoint, this seems to be the best of the bunch so far:

  • Sleek, small design
  • Low noise levels
  • Relatively low power draw
  • The best specs of all consoles
  • Developer friendly
  • Free games with online subscription
  • Non-instrusive background game installations
  • Lower price + more probability of getting Japanese developer support than Xbox One

Now all it needs are some great, great games :lol



Polygon received $750,000 from MS.

PS4 gets 7.5.


Yeah, probably.

They've received a lot more than that. MS is one of the biggest advertisers for the Vox group. It would be a pretty big monetary hit if MS left gaming.


Did anyone in these reviews run in to the "unbalanced/wobble PS4" issue like the Giant Bomb video? Was that resolved? That thread was closed.
Hardware launch reviews are fucking stupid.

State that it's not the 'finished article' or that there's no games to recommend, give it a 7 for the cause and make everyone feel better about spending $400.



That Polygon review is one of the dumbest thngs i have ever seen. Lamenting the lack of AAA software on a hardware review? lolwut?


The way Kotaku reviews is so much better than putting a score on the end. "Not yet", two words that tells you all you need to know, and two words I could not agree more with. In 2-3 years with a decent backlog and a price drop the PS4 will be a worthwhile pickup.

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To me, the only thing that's missing is one interesting game.

That's the reason why I canceled my pre-order a few weeks ago. Just wasn't seeing something I was dying to play.

I'm 100% going to pick up a PS4, but it won't be until a first party game has me in a fervor... probably Second Son.



This past generation has dragged on too long. Though there were still standout moments, many proven ideas became too relied upon, while graphics hit a ceiling. The PlayStation 4 is a long-overdue leap forward for Sony, but it doesn't take any risks. Sharing features might change how players approach playing and watching games, but it doesn't change the central experience.

The controller will make playing them more comfortable, but it too is merely an advancement on an a controller blueprint that was etched in the mid-nineties.

Fears that console gaming would buck and bend to the whims of the fickle casual market have proven false - this system is absolutely built for core gamers. And yet, for those expecting to see something that definitively turns a corner, you won't find it here just yet.

There's a good chance that the software platform will allow for greater innovations in the future, such as more streaming options expected to be added later down the line, but for now, Sony is selling a futuristic machine with not many new things to do on it.


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Kotaku's review system is the only one that really makes sense here. The idea of assigning a numerical score to a console is kind of dippy. What's it compared to? What would a 10 be for a console launch?
So all the reviewers are looking at the console as a sum of the parts:

PS Store

And people are getting up in arms about it? A console is a sum of its parts. If one is lacking (library) then the console as a whole will suffer. The reviewers are saying there is a lot of potential, but it is not being used today. All the discussions around TFLOPs go out the window when you have to look at something as a sum of its parts. Games and experience make a console not hardware. Always has been and always will be.

Expect a "re-review" in a year from everyone.


I've always found hardware reviews so useless.

It's the same old obvious stuff that everyone already assumes about consoles launches.

"Lack of Big AAA games"

"There is potential here but we have to wait and see"

"They COULD implement 3rd party DRM"

Who didn't know this going in? You can just look at the launch lineup and you have already discovered half of the points made in these reviews.

what doesnt make sense to me is that they are basically recommending people to play all the big hitters on PS3 then? Like COD, BF, AC, 2k? Why?

Maybe for someone that never played games, PS3 has a bigger library, but for people who do play games, why in the world would they pay $60 for inferior versions of PS3 games and suffer through all the old school issues like long waits to download, installation times, etc, etc.

For gamers, next gen is where it is at, and there was never better selection (overall) of games. Never.
These "not yet" reviews resonate with me, it's why I rarely if ever buy a console at launch. I don't doubt the PS4 will be a fantastic console.

And lol at the people upset with Polygon "X1 will get a 10/10 I bet!" smh. Persecution complexes are funny

Static Jak

When it comes to the idea of exclusives being the sellers, the big sellers are going to be BF4, COD, Fifa, Need for Speed and maybe AC4. Franchises that people know and that generally sells very well. COD alone will outsell every game by a mile.

Killzone and Dead Rising will probably do fairly well but nothing amazing outside of bundles.

And I don't see the likes of Knack or Ryse sales being anything beyond ok at best. If anything, I think those two games will end up being those games everyone forgets about after the initial release.

I'm holding off on buying any next gen console till closer to March since I have a PC that can run multi platform games with high visuals anyway.

If you're going to be an early adopter, don't expect those consoles to have stellar line ups right out the gate. They'll both have interesting games but most will be forgotten within a few months.

The big sellers for these next gens at launch will be the multiplatform games, no doubt.

And don't expect a price drop for a long, long time.


These "wait till more software comes out" is kind of like a duh reaction. Launch titles are always known for being incredibly underwhelming. I would never recommend people pick up the next gen at launch unless they just wana be early adopters. And honestly, launch wise the Xbone has the better launch compared to the PS4, game wise, so everything they are saying sounds about right.

But, imo the launch titles available to both are going to be underwhelming(outside of perhaps titanfall which will be on the PC as well) and wont have a long enough lasting appeal to be worth the early adoption.

Not yet is obviously, to me, the right thing to say.


I wish we could somehow take today's internet back in time to the ps1, 2 and even 3 launch (since forums like this were still not nearly as big) and see the widespread panic to those mediocre launch games.

No one has the ability to think long term anymore.

It's "gamer ADD" and the absolute requirement for instant gratification... Everyone wants to be on the "winning" team immediately; it's the Lebron James mentality overtaking the gaming community. Everyone must be part of the most highly applauded system immediately, so they can say they were the first one there and supported it all along with no strife. The Lemmings are showing their true colors and its a sad sad sight to see that nobody can think, feel and act for themselves anymore, but must, at whatever cost go with the flow and take the path of the least resistance regardless of he facts...

With that said, I'm not getting a next gen system until income tax time because I just can't afford one now, but hell yeah, I'd jump on the new tech if I had teh chance regardless of the reviews, it's a new experience for everyone...


Polygon numbers are generally lower across the board for all the launch games and the console than almost all other outlets.

It is hard to not start imagining agenda.
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