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Rocksmith 2014 |OT| - Everything is improved, except the OT.


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Ubisoft Music – $4.99 (Pack Only)

* Billy Martin “Strategy and Spying” (Rayman Legends -ed) | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard]
* Brian Tyler “Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard]
* Jesper Kyd “Ezio’s Family” (Assassin’s Creed II – ed) | Lead/Alt. Rhythm [E Standard] | Rhythm/Bass [Drop D]
* Power Glove “Blood Dragon Theme (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard]
* The Road Vikings “The Ballad Of Clutch Nixon” (Far Cry 5 – ed) | Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm [B Standard] | Bass [E Standard]

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