Should Resident Evil 5 get a remake next?


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I think a RE5 Remake isn't going to even be in the C-team hypothetical pitches for a few years yet. With that said, it has a LOT of potential for the serious horror style of RE engine Remakes.

- visuals, obviously.
- sound design, obviously.
- modern day QoL improvements, obviously.
- relegate Co op to an optional second game mode, if you really want to keep the coop element.
- if that isn't in your interests, perhaps relegate Sheva to her own campaign and objectives separate (but intersecting with) to Chris. RE2 style.
- a remake is another opportunity to explore their original ideas/claims for RE5. Those details about daylight, intense heat and inclement weather affecting your mental state, contrasting dark indoor areas with sun scorched wide open streets.
- I know this will never happen, but even if there are only a couple of throwaway lines referencing it I'll be happy: but the possibility of utilizing xenophobia, cultural superstitions and the inherent omnipresence of America in regional conflicts the world over. There is A LOT that could be done with RE5, especially as the cap off point for the original Spencer storyline.

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Although beating the giant monster on hard was extremely difficult and me and friends it took over 20 to 30 tries but we finally beat him on hard.
Playing it solo is way easier, the partner AI has perfect accuracy(which is also why I always give them the bolt action); just like you that part was very difficult on pro with a human partner, the AI just smokes him.


Probably my favorite co-op game ever. I poured hundreds of hours into this game when it first released on PS3 and then double-dipped when it came on Steam.

Having said that, I wouldn't say no to a proper remake.
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Resident Evil by story line. Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3 a few hours before Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 8. Therefore Code Veronica should be before RE5. Either way, remakes for both would be great. Claire, Chris, Albert Wesker, Steve. Chris, Sheva. In fact Capcom may want to do a Resident Evil 5.5. What happened to Sheva after the event of RE5? Where did Chris go? Also where is Claire after Code Veronica? and well we all know what happened to Steve.


RE5 could be good with a remake to fix a few issues, but they should ignore 6 as if it never happened. Trash game.


Makes logical sense, but then they would have to remake RE6 and that's just... yeah...

If they don't do code Veronica eventually though I won't be happy...


For those saying it's already a good looker and doesn't need improvement...

Resident Evil 5 came out in 2009, and so if the Remake hit in 2025 (which it feasibly could as Capcom have proven way more efficient than most publishers at putting out product) that would be 16 years of graphical evolution. Make it next gen only and you'd have the best looking Resident Evil ever.
RE5 was remastered in 2016 and is 4K @ 60FPS on current hardware, let's not pretend it's still just a PS3 game.

Give us RE1 and Code Veronica then go back to making NEW games is my stance on the subject.
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was a looker at the time.

Still is.

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I would really love code Veronica. It’s the only RE I’ve never played and keep holding out for a remaster or remake on steam to play.

I’d also settle for a RE2&RE0 dual remake to combine both games together into one experience. Maybe beat RE1 with Chris or Jill to unlock RE0 play through .


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It's not the best selling RE anymore. RE7 and REmake 2 sold more now.

But it's a good game and yeah I'd be down for a remake.


It's not the best selling RE anymore. RE7 and REmake 2 sold more now.

But it's a good game and yeah I'd be down for a remake.
Capcom's Platinum list is a bit misleading. 7 and 2r have the highest sales of an individual release. But cumulatively speaking 4, 5, and 6 are still the top 3 highest when you pile all individual versions together into one pile. The original release, gold release, and the remastered releases.

The VG sales wiki compiles data based on official sources, so it's easier to see and sort by column.

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It's a terrible game so no.

I added the laugh emoji as a way to solidify with your view. I still like playing it, though. I just don't treat it as a serious RE game... just like 6. Fucking sliced up mess of a convoluted, patchwork-type of game progression. It was weird...and I only enjoyed Ada's Playthrough.


RE6 I see zero reason to remake. The game was way too big. The characters and story were awful. The settings were boring. RE6 if remade needs to be an entirely different thing imo. So there is little point to me.

And for 5 goes the same, but its more fun than 6. Its setting is awful for a Resident Evil game. RE5 without co-op is no RE5 anymore, and co-op while fun is also not what I want to see in a mainline RE. So I don't really need a remake of 5. What they can do, is release Mercs stand alone. Mercs in Village is just not half as fun as it was in 5.

RE Zero was borderline, it was still a single player game but even there I enjoyed the solo parts and boss fights more.

Yeah, I wonder if they will make all the characters black now. What was that one game journalist who led the charge for that? Ngai Croal?

How did the latin community react on RE4? Because that game was greenlit and I don't remember any backlash.


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"it's fun with friends".

Yeh any old shit can be fun with friends if you have decent friends.

Resident evil is not a coop franchise. They jumped on the bandwagon at the time and fumbled the bag.

I said that the game is awesome.

And yes it shines in coop.

Doesn't mean I hadn't a great time with it playing it solo. Having a partner around was cool.

And hey they could make changes so no partner is really necessary. Or only arrives at certain points to unlock a door or whatever. Use your imagination.


Hell no, it's a shit horror game with shit atmosphere. And adding an AI partner even if you want to play alone was a horrible idea. Worst RE I've played by far.
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As a huge Resi fan, I gotta say that I hope capcom never wastes any effort and money on remaking Resi 5. I would love to see a mediocre Resi 9 and 10 rather than anything related to Resident Evil 5.

I hope the next Remake is Code Veronica or a Remake of Resi 1 Remake.
i've played this game probably more than anyone (ran an re5 mercs website) --- i'd like a port of it to new systems, maybe with some remixed stuff and the ORIGINAL mercenaries mode. it doesn't need a full remake yet. they should do CVX.
RE5 is pretty crappy, to be honest. I do like the co-op mode, but it's essentially an action game that just has RE characters in it, and some stupid plot about Oh You Bore Us because yeah, it bores us something silly.

If any game needs a remake, it's RE1 again, so that it matches the tone of the RE2 and 3 remakes we received in recent years. 1, 2 and 3 as they are now barely feel like they are supposed to make up a trilogy. The personality of the characters and the tone, it's all off the chart in 2 and 3, but not RE1.

How can you compare the glorious RE remake from 2002 to Capcom's more recent trash? Meh.


If by remake, you mean completely throw it out and take the series in a different direction, I'm onboard.

That co-op action bullshit can stay in hell. Keep future REs single player, and veer towards horror.
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