Super Robot Wars Community Thread

Taking a break from Saisei-Hen to play a bit of OG. Because I actually know english so that makes the whole thing a lot more comfortable and relaxing, despite the terrible UI and controls.

I finished off Ryusei's route sometime last week and that felt like a death march. I honestly dreaded having to start another playthrough without any of the stuff being carried over. Even if OG1 is mercifully shorter than any of the other SRW games I played.

But shockingly enough I am actually enjoying the game after I started Kyosuke's route. So far I got 23/23 SR points and seem to be doing a lot better this time through.

But now I have to deal with paralysis of choice, again. Too many units, pilots, weapons and I have no idea what I want to use. Kyosuke can probably solo the entire map with Alt and I can easily grind levels to fulfil the condition for secret weapons and items later. But right now I still stuck not being able to decide what to do.
Dunno if anyone watched the stream for OG2nd a little earlier, but it was awesome. PV4 + nice talk show with Terada (series producer), Midorikawa Hikaru (voice of Masaki, Heero...), Okiayu Ryotaro (Rai, Treize...) and Inada Tetsu (Rätsel, Harry...).

Spoilers for the PV :

Super Robot Wars EX scenario confirmed! We Maso Kishin NAOW.
Basically, half the cast will be summoned to La Gias and while the other half stays on Earth. La Gias scenario has two routes : Masaki and Ryune. No Shu route like in the original route.

In other news, Touma and Rai-oh confirmed, and Jin-Rai confirmed to be the third G built by Bian.


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*cries tears of joy*

ITS TIFA ADE... I mean... MIO!

So I take it that they're finally giving us the SRW EX scenario in the OG-verse. Awesome!
After watching that video I can't decide whether I should play Masou Kishin I or OGs.
How about playing in chronological order? Play Masou Kishin I first half and then go for OGs. And then you go back to Masou Kishin after OG2nd, since it covers EX.

That's actually what I'm doing, I'm waiting to play OG2nd to play Masou Kishin I second half and Masou Kishin II.
Also, after watching the PV I decided I wanted to get back to OGG so I could finish it in time for 2nd OGs.

I started mission 1 again from scratch and I'm like "ughhh, the first bunch of missions in this are really boring" and so I loaded up my old save from 4+ years ago when I stopped playing and it's at map 17. Much better.

The problem is that I don't remember the plot of 1-16 at all. I read the one sentence descriptions in the scenario chart but they're so minimal it doesn't really help. Is there anywhere online where I can get summaries of the maps to catch up? Would rather play starting from map 17. Makes it more likely I'll finish before 2nd OGs.
2nd OGs is supposed to have an archive mode that recalls the major events of each game so you can use that if you're not in the mood to finish OGGs.

However, let's see... I've played Gaiden about 3 times or so, so I should be able to recall the story from the stage names.

First few stages sets up the back story for the MX plot with the Cry Wolves battling that leftover Einst. Albero and Hugo are from that game. Foglia is mentioned in MX but isn't shown, he's Albero's son. That should be 1-2

Stage 3-4 deals with Kai and getting caught up in the Wendigo project.

Stage 5 is Lamia, Kai, Hugo, Albero, and Foglia taking on Noie DC remnants.

Stage 6 and 7 explains the arrival of Compatible Kaiser and the coming of the Shura.

Stage 8 is the Kurogane crew (Ratsel, Zengar, Karla and Yuuki) taking on Murata in his super-powered Garlion Custom.

Stage 9 is the Hagane crew SRX Team, Irm and Ryoto/Rio protecting a transport with a new prototype. Towards the end of the stage that protoype, the Mironga, is activated.

Stage 10-14 is a route split focusing on the OVA storyline with folks being kidnapped. Earth Route covers Ibis, Masaki, and a few other characters as they battle to save the hostages and battle the Mirongas.

Space route covers the Hiryu Kai and Kurogane crew including the Hiryu Kai's encounter in space and the SRW R heroes taking on their villains as well as the Shura. Stage 14 ends up in the same position for either route though who is upgraded and the conditions change a little.

Stage 15 is battling a Valsione Custom Type CF with Lamia in it.

Stage 16 through 18 focus on the Cry Wolves.
Thanks. I'll try to get through OGG if I can. 2nd OGs just looks too sexy to pass up.

So OGG covers SRW R, The Compatible Kaiser/Shuura stuff, and part of SRW EX right?
It covers R, Compact 3, and Kaiser which is from the Great Battle or whatever. It also ends with
the team killing Shu
which occurs in the Classic Timeline and in Alpha Gaiden. This is prerequisite to covering EX and the later Masou Kishin games as well as F and FF, I think.
Yeah, I got that spoiled for me back in the day (well I knew it happened because of Masou Kishin story). It's what I'd always been most excited about in OGG, playing out those events since I picture it as the most epic battle in the OG-verse. Looking forward to it.

So is the HQ PV4 up yet anywhere?
Hopefully they throw it up on the Playstation Store later in the week. The other three PVs are available for download, and they look absolutely gorgeous on my HDTV.
They are? Damn for some reason I assumed they weren't. Going to download them all afterwards.
I saw the 3rd PV in HD for the first time on Saturday in Akiba. Eye opening experience right here, it was GORGEOUS.

I put my preorder a few weeks ago, just need to wait four more weeks... Aaaaaargh.
720p for sure. When you watch those 1080p vids at full screen on a 1080p monitor it's not that sharp. Like OGs sprites on a 480p TV.

Even the way they do it with cutins everywhere, I think drawing stuff for 1080p resolution would've been too crazy.

Still looks great upscaled to 1080p though. Can't complain at all.
Well sure but the way it gets plopped into the OG games and how little of Masaki's story directly relates to the major events of the game sure makes it look like an extremely loose crossover.
It's because the MK stuff takes place in La Gias for the most part. It wasn't really until EX, I think, that they really crossed the series over.

The OG games stay consistent with that. It only mentions La Gias, leaving Masaki and Ryuune to be major characters because they were the big ones that had ties to the rest of the universe.
Well sure but the way it gets plopped into the OG games and how little of Masaki's story directly relates to the major events of the game sure makes it look like an extremely loose crossover.
The core plot is pretty much Masaki's story, after the first half of Masoukishin his beef with Shu drags him up onto Earth, where he gets mixed up in the first DC War, meets Lune, and so on. It comes off as sparse because it dates back to before intermission plot segments.

Why wouldn't it be? They're very reliable.
I've used them a bunch of times in the past but I thought I heard some bad things a while back so I was wondering if they were still safe to use.

The Asian version will probably have a piece of paper with some directions in English. Other than that and the rating on the cover, they're identicial.
I ended up getting the Japanese version. Should hopefully have it within the week after release.