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A message from MarkMan

MarkMan said:
Dear NeoGAF faithful. Thank you for supporting and standing by TEKKEN through the thick and thin. We are finally at the release of the game. June 2nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC)! Through the hardships, the early 2017s and just the long excruciating wait... I commend you & have nothing but the utmost respect for the community that brings us together. I truly hope you enjoy this latest iteration of the franchise and on behalf of the TEKKEN Project Team I want to thank you for being a TEKKEN fan. It's a good time to be a TEKKEN fan, in fact. Please look forward to the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass information, including new stages, new guest characters, new items and MORE. Get ready for the next battle!
Poongko still feeling bad Akuma so OP
They'll nerf into the ground soon enough no worries
They can't nerf him because the problem is with his SF special cancels and FADC cancels.

Playing against Tekken character he/she has build in options, strings end like that, recovery is this and that. You can learn this stuff, you can predict the options.
How can you predict character who can cancel his "normal" moves anytime? Will he cancel into demon flip now or not? It's just a guessing game.