This makes me want to sell all my consoles and upgrade the video card in my PC.

Haha, the Move version looks even more ridiculous than the Kinect version. Its either like I am landing a plane on a horse, or I have gone clubbing on a horse.

Bravo Tecmo. :D
I've been depressed for the past two days but the first 30 seconds of that vid has left me laughing my ass off with a huge grin on my face.
Now they should get the rights of that other racing game, with elephants, horses running sideways, men in horse costumes etc.
I already laughed my ass off at the Kinect version. Then I watched the Move version... Not enough lol smilies in the world. My god that was glorious.
a) Is this game motion-only, or is there a controller option?
b) Is there a career/campaign?

Site is flash-only, can't see it on my iPod...