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I have to say Denis is a marketing genius this kind of stunt will rocket his game in the sale charts wither its good or bad.

Me personally I'm against it, the combat looks boring and the animation are just terrible. All the human characters moves/actions just look so robotic, it just gives me an overall bad vibe.
mik said:
I have to be prematurely for or against a game I haven't played? I thought Denis was tired of people forming opinions based on unfinished work.

I'm going to remain in the camp I've always been in: looks like shit currently, but I can't wait to try it out.

Personally, I think in creating this thread, you've proven you were already "owned by the GAF."
Deserves to be quoted
Teknopathetic said:
I find some of the suggestions for the metacritic/gameranking scores humorous. 75% is favorable? Really? Only bargain bin Cabela's Big Game Hunter type shit gets scored below 70%. Dyack made a thread calling out several posters and definitely *sounds* quite confident in his game. The terms of the bet should reflect that confidence. A 75% average is NOT confidence.
There are plenty of *good* games that score in the 75% range, and plenty that score even less. 75% *should* be favorable, but hey I'm no metacritic pro since I ignore 99% of all reviews. But no, a 75% is not brag-worthy, but it's not a bad game by any means.
Azih said:
Lord, 25 pages and the bet hasn't even been clarified. Dyack doesn't know how to make internet tag bets.
I think hes busy arguing with his handler, or maybe someone at Microsoft. Absolutely insane that a dev would do this. Honestly, how childish can you get?
Azih said:
Lord, 25 pages and the bet hasn't even been clarified. Dyack doesn't know how to make internet tag bets.
Maybe he mistakenly assumed that "Put up or shut up" was some kind of unstoppable doomsday post that automatically put an end to the matter for all time.

(Sort of like the semi-mythical "triple dog dare")
le.phat said:
looks ugly, might be fun.

As the producer i honestly think you're completely discrediting your team with this immature stance on your game. If the game turns out good word of mouth will sell this game to the faithful. Now you're just giving people another reason to be turned off by your products.
word of mouth is not good enought, looks at Okami
xbhaskarx said:
But what is the objective standard for success and failure, how does one measure what "gamers in general" think of the game and if it's "received well"?

I'd say Metacritic score of 80 or higher and over 1 million in sales for August/September NPD.

As a "For" person, I'll take the over on both. I predict 85 Metascore, 1.2 million sales for August/September.

Edit: that should probably be 750,000 sales for August/September combined, 1 million is too high a standard.

It's very rare that a game sales 750,000 in 2 months. I would suggest 80% + and that's it. Sales have more to do with marketing than if you're game is actually good or not.
It seems almost stupid-unlikely that this game will have a metacritic aggregate of over 90%, no matter how good it is. The development history is just divisive enough for a token critic who's been following these scandalous turns of events to use the review platform as an excuse to bitch out Dyack.

The other problem, though, is that I highly doubt the game will get under 80% because SK has a pretty high level of basic competency despite what some of you sons of bitches think, so that toss-up buffer doesn't work because it's pretty much the most plausible outcome, which sucks the fun out of the whole thing.

I say revise 90% to 85%.
einhard said:
Well I guess the OP does have one small point, the people responding 'for' or 'against' do deserve a special tag.
Really though, who is against the idea of a game being good? We should all be 'for' it! Nobody wants bad games.
Who wants to bet he's had one of his programmers make an app to cull the FOR and AGAINST posts and make a list? I can imagine his secretary forced to write all the names down in columns on a massive white board as he strokes his chin, yelling "Faster!".
Holy shit, Dyack what the fuck are you doing man? :lol

I want this game to be good - I think it's pretty stupid that a lot of GAF posters (even the mods and admins) want this game to fail and have such a hatred for it. Just like with Treyarch/CoD5, I'm rooting for the underdogs (developers in this case).

We all know Too Human won't score a 90% average though, that's much too safe of a bet. Seems like a pretty high criteria for a game that people here troll as "complete shit". 80% would be a lot more interesting.
Francias Castiglione said:
Who the fuck said that? People are expecting a decent game, definitely not the bullshit Haze/Lair level crap that butthurt fanboys are spouting.
Glad to see a decent response so far. We may have to "Wambulance" for all the mods claiming the internet is not F41R!

The currency is the tag and metascore is the metric - don't try to change the bet. All those "for" and "against" get their tags changed. To all the mods - pick your meta score. Here is some troll reference from your camp to save you time:

Haze (PS3) Avg Ratio: 57%
Lair (PS3) Avg Ratio: 56%

Don't go to high or you may show your true colors. :) No more crying, no more trolling, just pick. I would suggest the tag stay for 6 months but I am pretty easy on that.

The "Against" seem in the minority so it should not take you too long to change the tags.
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