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Anthem (PC/XB1/PS4, EA/BioWare, Fall 2018) announced, full reveal at Microsoft conf


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Man I was watching the EA conference mostly because of this and they showed almost nothing.

Oh well, will send it tomorrow during MS conference.


Why would Bioware/EA, a 3rd party developer, put their version of Destiny, and online game that requires a large community, on one platform?


I hope this has a singleplayer mode too if even bioware is gonna make multiplayer only games then meh...

And sadly Andromeda did not do well ugh....


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Not much info, apparently full gameplay trailer later at Microsoft conference since they have the marketing. It seems sorta like Attack on Titan with the whole "humanity inside walls" concept. Also mech suits?
I, hmm... am interested. Go on, Bioware.
I dont think that worked out for anyone involved but if they do a similar deal then they have balls.

I expect a Destiny DLC type deal. Something longer then the typical 30 days like COD. No one from Sony is allowed to utter the games name on a stage or in a press release.

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Someone in The Surge review thread got after me after I mentioned "generic SciFi," but this right here is the epitome of "generic SciFi"


I hope this has a singleplayer mode too if even bioware is gonna make multiplayer only games then meh...

And sadly Andromeda did not do well ugh....

This is from Bioware there will be a SP mode with story and choice. They specifically mentioned choice in the trailer.
It's on PS4, XB1, Scorpio, PC etc etc. Not exclusive.

This was really just a tiny droplet of a teaser. The true reveal is at the MSFT briefing tomorrow.


Lol people wanting this to be exclusive are going to be disappointed. You don't hope for destiny level success and then not release it on the biggest platform. I can definitely see timed exclusive dlc.
There's no way this is going to be worth sending ME out to slaughter for, honestly.

"From that studio you love for their single player story experiences!..Comes a new Destiny clone!" What? Stop it.


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breh said "hopefully its exclusive". neogaf is getting weirder



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Everyone who thinks this is Xbox exclusive is delusional. Bioware has been working on this for way too long and is trying to do way too much with it to limit it to one console.


Same here. My 970 is still wrecking shop.

Yeah, my 970 is still putting that work in too.

I like the premise of this game, definitely seems reminiscent of AoT. Humanity sealed in wheels trying to survive against monsters is neat. Just hope the creatures are cool.


I don`t get why they would make this over a new KOTOR.

A chance to create something completely new and fresh not hindered by what Disney deems is canon sounds pretty appealing from a design standpoint. Plus you act like they were offered a chance to do another KOTOR which is likely far from the case.


lol at people thinking this is exclusive to one platform. The trailer literally says "4K not available on all platforms" at the end.

Interesting to see how it plays tomorrow. Destiny could use the competition.
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