Destructoid: PS4 controller prototype & devkit photo, [Up: New Photo/Info In OP]

The DS4 isn't packing near the tech that Wii U pad is. I'd give you $60, maaaybe $70 for the DS4 pad but not a penny above that and certainly not $100.
Which I would agree with except after seeing what Sony is selling a basic SD card for, I would not say it is a given especially if Sony is selling the console at cost or taking a loss per unit.
The DS4 isn't packing near the tech that Wii U pad is. I'd give you $60, maaaybe $70 for the DS4 pad but not a penny above that and certainly not $100.
Yeah, the DS3 must have been cheap as heck to make since it was basically the same tech since the DS2 (which also had few changes from DS1).

So adding a bunch of new features wouldn't make it terribly expensive I think.
I just want one a little more bulkier than the DS3 is. My main issue is that with the PS3 controller it always felt like it was "resting" in my hand while with the 360 controller I was actually 'holding' onto something.

And people asking for the sticks reversed ... I'm fairly certain it's just a preference, it's not "OH SHIT! I can't play gamez now!". I just like the 360 layout more, I still have owned PS1, PS2, PS3, and will own a PS4 regardless.

I really like the look of the new controller though, it seems like something I can 'grip' more-so than something I need to have 'rest' in my hands.
I like how the gloss finish extends around the buttons and d-pad.

With regard to the prototype: The touch portion being gloss, with the adjacent regions matte, looks a bit "busy" to my eye.
I just don't see how I can use the touch pad with out putting the controller on my lap. If games use it I might be out next generation. They should of over hauled the controller if they wanted to add a touch pad. This would of been a good time to fix the ergonomics of it. Looks like the most uncomfortable controller ever if you need to use the track pad in any game.
"without", "should have", "overhauled", "would have"

Let's hope the touch-pad can launch a spell-checker ;)
Yeah, I think Start, Select and PS-button look out of place. And I'd rather have this Vita-like touch-field design with the small PS-symbols on it. Very subtle.

This mockup looks like a fanboy dream.
OMG, perfect!

So let's see, we have the likely unveiling on the 20th, does anyone think this was really an accidental 'leak'? It was a controlled leak to get the forums and media all frothy.
This is essentially the teaser trailer before the full blow preview.
i'm simply pointing out the obvious
you appear concerned that someone (me / logic) defines such leaks as theft.

if i didn't like leaks, i wouldn't be on gaf.
if i defended them as acceptable practice, i'd be an idiot.
Ok lets get to the bottom of this.

The shop us based on touchpads that are on Sony's Vaio laptops. They have icon shortcuts that become illuminated when they can be used.
Oh so they do have tech like that? When I saw the kind of touch pad was, it really looked to me like what you described (had a screen like surface). That would be very cool.
It is great. I'm not trying to be negative on it at all cause I can definitely see myself using it. But at the same time it pretty much confirms that the PS4 will be coming with the dual cameras as a pack in as they wouldn't just provide the motion controller without the cameras. It also pretty much confirms that the PS4 will have just as many "gimmicks' as the other consoles will have. Sony won't let developers just ignore all this new tech they've put in the controller either because unlike the Move this is not an add on, this will be in every PS4 sold. And to be clear, i'm not trying to be negative as i think all this new stuff is great for both the new Xbox and PS4 but the reality is that both of them are going to a lot more similar then people think.
fair points but the differentiating factor Sony has imo is a higher amount of strong first party studios. so it will come down to games (which is great) rather than gimmicks, social media integration, or other entertainment media integration.

i can also see a possible partnership with android or apple to have apps available on psn. with the touchpad all those apps will now be playable as if it were on a touch device.