Halo 4 |OT2| TURBO

Jul 5, 2011
Really stoked for the Halo collection. Even just for campaigns all in one place. Need more details though. So confused at how it'll all work. So Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 multiplayer? Would love to see some clips of campaigns. Skulls and stuff in? All the same UI as original games you load into or that all revamped? Hyped! Want details...


Feb 19, 2012
I'm totally not ashamed to say that I punched the air twice and said "fuck yeah" when I saw Halo 2.

There's no chance in hell I'm not buying an Xbone now.
What you can expect, however – and this is huge news for fellow old-school Xbox gamers – is that Combat Evolved’s multiplayer will be playable, online, in its original form. No more Halo: Reach map packs or excuses about CE multiplayer not “feeling” right online because it never had net code to begin with (let’s leave Gearbox’s Halo PC port out of this). This will be the OG Halo 1 three-shot death pistol, the OG “Blood Gulch,” etc. I politely brought up with 343 Franchise Director Frank O’Connor, and he didn’t shy away when presented with his own previous comments. “It was [a] peer-to-peer [networking setup],” he said of the previous games. “[Master Chief Collection’s] dedicated servers fix that,” leaving 343 comfortable with replicating the offline System Link experience in an online environment. This is what many players wanted in the 2011 Anniversary game, and we’re finally getting it.

BigShow36 pls respond
Remade H2 faves, with proprietary graphics and a modified version of h2 gameplay. Lockout, Ascension, Zanzi...

OG maps and gameplay completely intact. It's extra content.
Y'all going to need to clarify this since he said six maps were chosen to be remade with the (tm)Power of Xbox One(tm) and then said all multiplayer map ever are in this.

So it sounds like all the maps from every game are ported, then select maps are redone for a specific new mode?