NPD January 2013 Sales Results [Up7: Wii U 57K (CNET), Vita ~35K, PS3 201K]

Marginally. The more intelligent reasoning is a few posts above about being on other systems for months already and at lesser prices. *shrugs* Wii U software still isn't "good" (apparently) by any stretch, but that's a very fair reasoning about the price difference.
On Amazon, Madden and Fifa are cheaper right now on WiiU than X360. There's a lot of "fulfilled by" so the prices will shift but that's the reality of the moment. And by virtue of being out for longer on other systems, the demand on those systems should be reduced, too (as people would have already bought the title).
All versions of Madden were on sale before the super bowl except for the Wii U.

Though Vita FIFA being higher than Wii U FIFA is really the WTF of this whole thing.
If you're going to buy FIFA on a console nobody is going to pick up the Wii U while the Vita one at least has portability. Doesn't really excuse the sales but that's my thought on it.
Hardware Install Base, January 2007 & LTD

Playstation 2 299k, 37.4mm
Xbox --, 14.5mm
Gamecube 34k, 11.7mm
Xbox 360 294k, 4.8mm
Playstation 3 244k, 937k
Wii 436k, 1.5mm
GBA 179k, 35.3mm
Nintendo DS 239k, 9.4mm
PSP 211k, 6.9mm
25 months in a row for the Xbox as the leading console in the US. This is just pure sales dominance at this point.

Like all those people in that other thread surmised, Microsoft is in PANIC MODE!
I wonder if they meant that Wii U sales were 38% of Wii's third month sales. Because 270k doesn't really make much sense unless Wii + PS3 sold 100k units combined.
436K * 0.62 = 270K

That seems pretty good honestly.
Yeah, I think with how fucking dry the software releases are for January that 270K would be a pretty good number for the Wii U to have.

Wonder if that's the correct number though. Guess we'll see if/when Nintendo makes their official announcement.
Wow, -38% is damn good compared to what we thought was coming. Even 38% of the Wii's first January (436k) would be 165k, and that would still be higher than expectations.
Anyone remember that hand drawn thing from last console launch with all the consoles as racecars and the Wii vehicle is over heating, I think the Xbox 360 bros are wearing sunglasses?

We should update that.
Someone did actually update it, including the WiiU, but unfortunately i cant find it now. These drawings were more related to how powerful the hardware was though.