NPD January 2013 Sales Results [Up7: Wii U 57K (CNET), Vita ~35K, PS3 201K]

Edited my last post, but this thread is too fast:

55k may not be far-fetched. Gamecube's 3rd month - also January - was 59k. And the Wii U has sold less each month than the Gamecube did.


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In my opinion, having 3DS do better and WiiU do horribly is a good thing. It sends the right message: Release a system with plenty of good games and have a consistent release schedule. Maybe it's just my personal preference is Nintendo games of GC era and older, but I just am not interested in Wii U's current games and I'm glad the industry isn't rewarded for those sorts of titles. I look forward to getting a WiiU when Nintendo releases some quality content.