Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]

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The things I want to know probably wont be revealed until E3 anyways. Price, date, and launch window games. The tech they'll probably show off will be good, but that's a given.

Super excited to see how the PS4 and Nextbox will do sales wise compared to the Wii U, since that will be an indicator if the Wii U struggles truly are a Nintendo-problem, or if the whole gaming console industry are going through structural problems.
To anyone curious about a gif or a picture, here is a tip to finding where or what is the gif/pic:

- Go to and hit the Image tab.
- Hit the small camera button in the search bar
- Paste the url of the image or upload it from your computer and search
- ???
- Profit

I have seen people ask what some gif's were without getting an answer so hopefully this helps someone out there. So far this method has yet to fail me. (it is not 100% though)

On-topic: still hyped D:
Is this happening at 11PM UK time?
If so then I guess how long is it?
Yep and midnight for GMT+1 Austria, Germany etc. It's gonna be a good time.

Edit: There would be nothing wrong with MS doing something on the 19th, because we would still be hyped and wait for what Sony has to show. Kind of the same style as with the E3 press conferences.
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