Super Smash Bros. Switch - Hype-thread and character speculation

Jan 22, 2018
So let's do this!

I want two things from this Smash:

- new singleplayer- and online-modes that make me want to spend time with the game. Smash had nothing for singleplayer gamers, collecting trophies from generic missions has gotten old. I want something more substantial. Like a cinematic story-mode or an rpg-mechanic. And new fun online-modes, maybe clan-functionality and modes where you work together on a longterm goal.

- Ridley


Jan 24, 2016
I feel like this is going to to be the last smash bros. in a long while and they're going to focus heavily on making online play stable. Sakurai always likes to surprise fans, though, so a meaty story mode is not too far-fetched.

Splatoon character
Captain Toad
Pokemon character
Fire Emblem Switch character
Chorus Kids
Shulk replaced by Rex
Travis Touchdown
Oct 3, 2016
Southern California
New characters...

Waluigi for sure. This is the 5th Smash so it's definitely time.

Splatoon kids obviously.

Ice Climbers return.

The Broodals? Gotta have someone from SMO.

Shovel Knight seems highly probable.

Rabbids? Or Rayman. Or both as one character, ala Olimar and Pikmin.

Glass Joe, Piston Honda, Bald Bull, you get the point. Someone to compliment Little Mac. I love this idea the more I think about it actually.


Dec 6, 2013
Fucking do it Nintendo!!!!: Wonder Red from the Wonderful 101. It's a Nintendo IP, his design would blend well with the Smash Art Style and there are plenty of moves and powers in the game to give him a fun and unique playstyle.

It'll be the perfect announcement alongside the port of the first one the sequel. I'll even pay your overpriced $60 for the port!!!
Dec 8, 2015
Smash speculation thread? I approve!

Splatoon Kids (Splatoon)
Rex/Pyra (Xenoblade 2)
Mipha (BOTW)
Switch Fire Emblem Main Character
Shovel Knight
Banjo Kazooie
Pauline (Odyssey)
Switch Pokemon
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (Arms)
Travis Touchdown (NMH)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Insert WTF character here

Just off the top of my head anyway. Some are long shots (poor Isaac), but oh well. As for features, Id love a return to a story mode of sorts. Maybe add in some new challenges like what 'target practice' and 'stand on the platforms' were.
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Oct 3, 2016
Southern California
Smash speculation thread? I approve!

Splatoon Kids (Splatoon)
Rex/Pyra (Xenoblade 2)
Mipha (BOTW)
Switch Fire Emblem Main Character
Shovel Knight
Banjo Kazooie
Pauline (Odyssey)
Switch Pokemon
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (Arms)
Travis Touchdown (NMH)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Insert WTF character here

Just off the top of my head anyway. Some are long shots (poor Isaac), but oh well. As for features, Id love a return to a story mode of sorts. Maybe add in some new challenges like what 'target practice' and 'stand on the platforms' were.
I totally forgot about Arms. Definitely going to be someone from that game.
Jan 7, 2018
I'll make a bigger list later, but let me just say that if Waluigi doesn't get in, I'm going to start a riot. Shit, the dude deserves his own game (fangames like the apparently excellent Psycho Waluigi, which I've never played, notwithstanding), but a spot on the Smash roster would be a good start.
Dec 31, 2013
Brazil - Sao Paulo
I am really curious to see, who the third party characters will be. Until last year I was expecting a "hunter" from Monster Hunter to be included on the game, but now, I don't expect this anymore, I am even curious to see if Ryu and Megaman will stay in the game.

I also think that Bomberman it is a good bet, but I really think that they remove all clones from the game. Ganondorf deserve a unique move set.


Jan 24, 2016
Why would you want them to replace Shulk? :confused:
I think the initial roster will be smaller for online gameplay balance and additional characters will be teased as returning veterans and newcomers after launch. I haven't played the Xenoblade games so maybe you feel he's symbolically more important than being in a recent and available game.
Nov 13, 2016
I always get excited about new Smash games, but never end up playing them much. Cuz I suck. Long gone are the days where I would just play the boring arcade mode over and over again to get new trophies, and if I try to go online now I get my ass beat... Would be cool if they found a way to fix that.

In terms of new characters, I want Waluigi and Daisy for the Mario Universe. They're the only remaining 'main' characters that have been left out till now. I know most people don't care much for Daisy, but I've always liked her spunky attitude. Waluigi is just hilarious, they should go all-out with him. Toads and Koopa's and such I don't really count as characters, and Mario has plenty of representation already, so I'd expect those two and nothing more. They should update Mario's move set to include Cappy. Maybe change up his final Smash to where he throws Cappy on an enemy, and gets to take control of them, and walk them off the stage. His old one was boring anyway.

DK could use some love for sure. K. Rool seems like a decent choice, and Dixie and Cranky are obvious choices too. That seems about right for DK representation.

For Zelda... I don't know, that seems kinda done already? I've heard someone bring up Wolf Link + Midna, which is a pretty cool idea, though maybe it's a bit too similar to the Duck Hunt character. Would love to see updated visuals for BotW versions. Maybe have those as selectable skins, as well as other versions of those characters.

We know Inklings are coming, but I'd love to see at least one or two of the idol characters. Maybe they would just do those as skins though.

Arms makes too much sense as well. I'm not expecting more than one or two characters to be added though.

I've never played Fire Emblem before but... For the love of god please cut out some of the sword fighters and add in spears, axes, maces... Anything but swords, really! Sakurai really seems to like swords but ignores all other weapons out there. That's just lame, there's so many interesting move sets they could do with different weapons. That's all I have to say on FE.

As for my crazy character... I'm gonna go with the Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents. I don't know what kind of move set they'd have but... I miss those games. They'd probably work much better as a support trophy though.

In terms of third party, I never really was a fan of those. Can't really think of anyone who we'd really need at this point...

I'm not expecting them to add too many characters. I think they'll add a few and mostly work on changing existing characters a bit.

I hope the DLC won't be such a mess for this game. I thought characters and stages were just way overpriced in the previous one. I bought exactly 0. At this point we're used to Nintendo adding free content after the game's release; Splatoon does it, Arms did it, it's expected now, even more so when we're gonna have to pay for online play as well. New characters should be cheap (2,50 per) and stages should be added for free.
Feb 2, 2018
Well, for right now, I only have one character speculation (but if I think of any others (in-depth) then I'll come back and edit them in):

Rex + (Pyra/
) - My reasoning? SAKURAI HIMSELF LOVES THE GAME! He says that he played it all throughout his Winter vacation, so it would only be understandable that he would want a favourite in there, and even if he is just a consultant for this one, I would put money on him asking for Rex with the above mentioned characters, not to mention that Shulk and Rex have such a difference in the way they move, act and generally are, that Rex would be given his own character slot so all of the Shulk enthusiasts don't get mad.
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May 26, 2011
Prob an arms character.

Farfetched idea: Mario Kart character.

Itd be neat if they treat each characters IPs as a faction. Like dk diddy krool would play under DKC, mario, luigi, peach, yoshi under super mario bros, etc. then each faction has a storyline in SP mode and it acts as this competitive royal rumble where each faction wants to come out on top and be crowned the nintendo champion. Itd just add some depth to the story mode

Also customizable equipment that slightly alters movesets/skins.
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Jul 1, 2009
I don't care if they include more Fire Emblem in Smash, but please no more Sword users. I love the idea above of having a Belmont character with alt costumes as a different Belmont (Richter is the best though).
I don't really care about the competitive scene or tournaments, so I'm not going to comment on balance, but I'm sure fans would love it if they included giant characters finally like Ridley. Other fighting games have done it, why not Smash?

Anyways, is this supposed to be a whole new entry, or is it just the Wii U one with added stuff? I was always assuming it was an enhanced port.
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Dec 2, 2010
After Ryu, Snake, and Cloud ive given up on seriously guessing who might make the roster.

My pie-in-the-sky hopes would be:

Simon Belmont - konami
Bomberman - Hudson
Professor Layton - Level-5
Dragon Quest rep - Enix
Shin Megami Tensei rep - Atlus
Angelique - Tecmo-Koei
Psycho Soldier Athena - SNK
Travis Touchdown

Sports Daisy
Mach Rider
ARMS character

Drop all the clones, give a Ganon a real moveset, revamp the custom moves, remove the single player RNG/grindiness

None of that is happening so I'd settle for it not being another goddamn port.
May 2, 2014
I think the initial roster will be smaller for online gameplay balance and additional characters will be teased as returning veterans and newcomers after launch. I haven't played the Xenoblade games so maybe you feel he's symbolically more important than being in a recent and available game.
Yes, I definitely feel like Shulk is more iconic for the series. Also think it's kind of weird everyone is skipping over a potential XCX character in favor of Rex.

For an initially smaller roster, which I've seen some people also suggest, how small are we talking about here? Do you guys think the silhouettes in the Inkling trailer could be the entire roster?

I don't think I've shared my long ass post of combat concepts here yet, so here it goes.

Smash Gauge

Here you have a typical Fighting Game "meter" system with Smash's flavor (%) instead of your typical bars. The magic (I hope) is in the sheer variety of ways
players can "spend" the gauge at any moment during combat. Unlike Health, the Smash Gauge would increase and decrease frequently (gain and use). There are
several main categories that would expend Smash Gauge - Swaps, Techniques, Skills, and Final Smashes. It is important to note that players are not
forced to operate under any of these categories of Smash Gauge uses. Also, for those whose playstyles are about operating under a single Smash Gauge reliant
category, players could BREAK the Smash Gauge at the start of the match (3-2-1) to enter UNLIMITED MODE for that chosen category. Unlimited Techniques, for
example, means you can use every technique under the sun without worrying about Smash Gauge costs. However, this forfeits your access to all other categories
for the remainder of the match, cutting your options down significantly.

Swaps (see the animated gifs below + description of Directional Swap Cancel (for shenanigans and crazy cool Swap Combos!)



Directional Swap Cancel

On the left, you can see what Swaps and Directional Swap Canceling could look like. Old to Young Zeku, Wii Fit Trainer I to Wii Fit Trainer II, or Wii Fit Trainer I to Peach I (or II? Hmm...) On the right, you can see the hint at a vision to add Smash's Team Combo spectacle to 1 vs 1 action!

In Training Mode, players can develop Custom Swap Combos and assign critical "teleport points" to directions + Swap button. For tournaments, participating
players' data could be downloaded from Nintendo's servers automatically upon sign in (simply loading a profile). Between matches at tournaments, players can
make adjustments to their Custom Swap Combo data. There would be save data for every character you've designed combos for under your profile (up to 8
teleport points per character).

1. Go into Training Mode.

2. Imagine and Practice combos that use Swap Canceling!

3. Set a destination for the swapped in character to teleport to. See SFV gif for example teleport-swap animation. This should be where you believe your
other character needs to be in order to manually carry out the rest of the Swap Combo you are designing.

4. Once tested and satisfied, set the Swap Cancel Teleport Point to a Direction on an analog stick. Again, there can be 8 directions = 8 points. If a player
Swap Cancels with no direction, that equals "no teleport", just an on-the-spot swap. Swap Cancel is basically cancelling a move with the Swap Button.
Applying a direction at the same time teleports you to a point you'd assigned prior to the match. The best example of the input involved here is setting
Ibuki's bomb timer with her first V Trigger in Street Fighter V. It shouldn't have to be much more difficult than that in terms of input.

The risks/costs/etc.:
1. A lot of these will never be guaranteed because of DI, but the chance exists. Get the read, get the fireworks!

2. You have to commit to a teleport destination at the point of canceling, so knowing your points is critical.

3. Directional Swap Cancels always burn an extra chunk of Smash Gauge, regardless of success. I'd want this to be quite costly and not the kind of thing that
is going to be easily spammed, whether for Swap Combos or other shenanigans. Maybe 16% SG depletion if damage is dealt to opponent within certain
time frame of execution, 8% if no damage inflicted. Stuff like that. I'm also thinking about a "no kill zone" which states that an opponent must be at some
very high % in order for a Swap Combo to be capable of legitimately killing. This (like everything else) could NOT be broken/op. There needs to be some heavy
duty scaling or something in place, while still I'd want these to be the most damaging combos in the game. It should be seen as the added benefit of having a playstyle that includes use of the Swap mechanic, but also most expensive in terms of Smash Gauge usage.

With this concept, I believe they could get players to performing those team combos in 1 vs 1 matches and without it being some automatic "win button" thing. There
would be some guess/read work and a sky high execution ceiling for many of the bigger combos to be invented.

Like everything else that requires Smash Gauge, ignore it if it's not for you! If you want to go OG Smash Play, DO IT! Go "techniques only". You don't have
to Swap a single time! You don't have to go for Skill mods!

If anyone has questions, I've got answers! If you've got suggestions, I'd love to read them! If you've got nothing constructive, please refrain from responding. :)

I know this would be a tall order for the team, but I can see this being really fun to play and watch. Depth/Strategy potential goes through the roof!
I think using two sets of percentages, even if they are colored differently, would be kind of confusing. I would use something entirely different so they're immediately distinguishable. For techniques,are we now required to use the smash gauge for something that we formerly had free access to in other smash games?

The biggest problem I see is that it seems too complicated for the average smash player. Smash is a deep fighter but also an accessible party game. They would see a second gauge and instantly be confused by all the different mechanics tied to it. I feel like it might be kind of intimidating?
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Jan 5, 2011
I like % for the Smash Gauge instead of the typical bar, but I am definitely in agreement with you when it comes to making it stand out a bit more next to the Health Gauge. I was thinking different animations for different characters. Bowser gets a Fiery Smash Gauge. Peach gets Floaty Hearts passing in and out of her Smash Gauge. Wii Fit Trainer gets this Inhale/Exhale effect (slowly zoom in and out with that deep breathing effect). Rex's Smash Gauge is inside of a Core Crystal. And so on...

So, I've updated a few times since the pic you quoted.

I've pretty much eliminated "Unlimited Mode" and I've toned down Skills quite a bit. My Skill Path concept now only applies to each character's handful of exclusive Skills, while the vast majority of Skills would be selected by players before the match. I also tried to clean up my explanation of Directional Swap Cancel, a simple solution to allowing the Swap system to reach its potential as a means to bring 2 vs 2 combo spectacle to the 1 vs 1 match. By allowing players to specify Spawn Points and assign them to input commands (a direction + swap button), players can force a character of their duo at the point of being swapped in to appear wherever they've deemed necessary so that they may have a chance at completing custom swap combos and shenanigans.
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Feb 5, 2009
I think the initial roster will be smaller for online gameplay balance and additional characters will be teased as returning veterans and newcomers after launch. I haven't played the Xenoblade games so maybe you feel he's symbolically more important than being in a recent and available game.
Shulk is important and his legacy is present in all Xenoblade games sometimes not directly stated as "Shulk the Monado boy" but in different ways, even though Xenoblade X is still a long way to end storywise the few hints they threw, paint Shulk as a legend/myth (please Xenoblade X2, I need you here now) . Besides there is no one with his mechanics and characters are not just functions.

I want Elma from Xenoblade X, I hate Xenoblade 2 because it was released before a new Smash, so Elma chances are reduced greatly, but hopefully we can get one from X and another from 2. The only problem I see for Elma is that she uses guns, they will probably have to use some alien manufactured guns and still edit them a little more.

I can already see Elma's dash attack being Sliding Slinger. <3
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Jan 22, 2018
I want Rex AND Elma.

Facing a new villain.
Shulk: 'Time to fell another god!'
Rex: 'Alright, Shulk-senpai. Let's do this. Pyra! Mythra!'
Elma: 'Calm down, you two. Observe, analyze. Then attack.'
Shulk: 'We've got no time. The conduit is about to close!'
Elma: 'Don't worry. I've got plenty of those.'
Shulk: 'Wha-! W-who are you?'
Elma: 'Now, fight!'

Feb 27, 2018
Smash speculation thread? I approve!

Splatoon Kids (Splatoon)
Rex/Pyra (Xenoblade 2)
Mipha (BOTW)

Switch Fire Emblem Main Character
Shovel Knight

Banjo Kazooie
Pauline (Odyssey)
Switch Pokemon
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (Arms)

Travis Touchdown (NMH)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Insert WTF character here
Jan 5, 2011
Okay, just one for Neogaf's thread! This is for the protagonists of Nintendo series without reps and a small number of iconic 3rd party characters. And I'll probably edit this later to add a Rhythm Heaven rep. I thought about a really wild concept for a moveset some days ago.



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Feb 20, 2018
Just give me:
King K. Rool
Dixie Kong
Cranky Kong
Doom Guy
Simon Belmont

And I'll be happy. Oh, and more varied DKC songs. Even if you don't care about the characters, I think most can agree that DK's musical selection was piss poor.
Jun 1, 2014
Ever since Brawl I've had most of my roster must-haves. King Dedede, Wario and Diddy Kong felt like characters that should've been in Melee, but Brawl fixed that. The 3DS/WiiU roster rounded the roster up nicely with a few others I thought were missing in Brawl + some really cool 3rd party picks. My newest most wanted, Splatoon's Inklings, have already been confirmed. At this point I'm basically okay with whatever they'll add.

Character-wise my last remaining 3rd party want would be Simon Belmont. As for actual Nintendo characters any retro characters would be fun. The ARMS and Xenoblade cast look like they could make cool new fighters while also repping recent Nintendo releases, but I'm not gonna be too upset if they miss the boat for some reason.

Other than that, I'm mostly hoping the game expands on the already many options Smash is known for:
- More stage options for toggling hazards and maybe even certain platforms/walk-off ground.
- More item options where you can set specific item spawn % and even the summon % for items like Assist Trophies and Pokeballs.
- More options for fighter customization where instead of attack / defense / speed stats you have seperate damage / launch power / defense / weight / jump / speed stats to balance out.
- More options for Mii Fighers, like having a selection of different A-move attacks for each Mii Figher type and adding other types like magic, spear and, uhh, beast-like? I dunno. I'd just like 3 more to the already existing 3, lol.
- More options for stage editor, allowing you to set specific player and item spawn points, greatly expanding texture and background selection (based on Nintendo franchises maybe?), types of hazards to use and maybe even options for changing the stage's lighting.
- On that note, option to allow 8-player Smash on custom stages, so you're not stuck with the few oversized stages.
- More options for Smash Run or Smash Tour that make these modes actually fun to play.
- Some more online options would be pretty cool too I guess. Allowing 8-players, 4 VS 4 online? Maybe a "For Fun" mode where people can actually play randoms with hazards and items and a different "For Fun" where all the players doing jack shit together can screw around in.

... Yeah, alright, that's about it. I'm not really expecting them to add any of my wants above, but if they did even just one I'd be pretty happy about it!
Feb 19, 2015
I actually want to see less smaller characters and add more 3rd party.

Zelda I only want to see 3 characters. Zelda, link, Gannon. Only 1 mario. 1 luigi - luigi mansion version.

I hope Scorpion and sub zero represent Warner Bros. If not Lego guy and batman?
May 26, 2011
I want a condensed roster. More focused SP and MP modes. Enhanced and refiend gameplay.
Edit: sorry tipsy reply didnt answer op.

Im speculating an arms character. And krool
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Jan 27, 2018
I expect the Broodals to be playable.
Boooo this man ;)

Already mentioned but I think Simon Belmont is perfect for Smash. Imagine being able to whip platforms as a recovery move. And of course whipping opponents, throwing the axe or boomerang or holy water, etc.

And the stage music would be glorious.
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Nov 24, 2013
I want:

Skull Kid - Majora
Midna (all forms)
King Daphnes
Linkle (of course)
Any Arms
Any Dragon Quest
Madeline (Celeste)
Shovel Knight
Any Lego
Any Monster Hunter
Any Shin Megami
Feb 13, 2018
In addition to others already mentioned, I'd like to see:

Yuri and Miu from Fatal Frame 5
Itsuki Aoi and Tsubasa Oribe from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
Balloon Fighter (with him having a close resemblance to Iwata)
Mike Jones from Star Tropics
May 12, 2017
Captain Toad, Paper Mario, Splatoon Kids, Ribbon Girl, King K Rool, New Pokemon rep, New Xenoblade rep, Ice Climbers, ExciteBiker for Nintendo reps.

New third party: Rayman (rabbids/ubisoft connection), Shovelknight (fan favorite), Sora (KH3 release/timing)

Cut characters: Dr. Mario/Dark Pit (Costumes), Bayonetta, Cloud, Robin, Corrin