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The Greatest Episode in Televison history is exactly 10 Years old Today


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Where is my 4k uhd boxset!

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In a 5 seasons serial tv with so many banger episodes my take doesn't even classify as room temperature.
How on earth are you a fan of this show and the episode where EVERYTHING comes to a boiling point isn't in your top 5?

What didnt you like about it?


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How on earth are you a fan of this show and the episode where EVERYTHING comes to a boiling point isn't in your top 5?

What didnt you like about it?
You got it wrong, i like it a lot.

But i invite you to do this thought experiment.

Get a list of all the episodes with a detailed description of what happen so you can actually remember what happen and how you felt after watching those episodes.

Now try to only include 5 of them, it is basically impossible for me.

What do you exclude? Episodes from the first season that had that black humor in them because jesse and walter were noobs? The episode when he confront tuco? Do you exclude the episodes with gus? The episode where gus kill the cartel? The episode with his flashback? The episodes with a lot of saul? The one with that magnificent bastard of gale? Hank vs the 2 brothers? When they kill jessie's girlfriend in front of him? And i can go on and on and on.

For how much of a great episode ozymandis is, i really don't think that it is superior to many others.

My initial post was a bit too harsh, not gonna lie.

But that episode is not what define breaking bad.
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Ozark is not my favorite series. It wouldn't even make it in my top 10 probably.

But it's pilot is by far the best i have ever seen. I must have re-watched it more than any episode in any series.


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I remember the half/full measures thing at the end of season 3 hitting the hardest, and season 5 with the nazis being a noticeable dip in quality overall. I haven't seen the show in its entirety since it went off the air so I could be a little off. Doubt my S5 feelings will change much.

I'll give it another year or two and give it all a rewatch. Gotta figure out if the rewatch should start with BCS or not though.
Yep, the villains in season 5 were not as good as previous seasons except for todd and lidya (kinda).


We talking about the greatest TV episode ever?


This was it for me. It contains so many emotional climaxes. Just a crazy rollercoaster of feels.


I watched Breaking Bad years ago and consider it one of the best shows but I felt like that episode was as good as many others but at the time of viewing didn't come across as being head and shoulders ahead of everything else.

Maybe there's a bit of retroactively placing it up on a pedestal so that it can be another vector for the show to be praised.


Yes for different reasons, Breaking Bad and Twin Peaks are two of the best TV series ever made.

Also for you weirdos that haven't watched it, check out Better Call Saul on the double.


I'm a fan of Breaking Bad, but sorry it can't hold a candle to The Shield season 5, 6 ,7

Season 5 finale imho is the best finale of all time

Of course HEAVY spoilers:

And the series finale

Walton Goggins, Michael Chikilis, Glenn Close, frikin oscar winning top tier game Forest Whitaker, CCH Pouder... Every thing that Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy were lauded for, The Shield did before...
What a tour de force!
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