Things you put in coffee to make it taste amazing

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What are some of the things you put in your coffee to make it taste better? I am not talking normal cream or sugar. I want to know some of the other things that make it better. A friend of mine says he brews it with cinnamon. Sounds interesting but there has to be some other things that can add to it. Lets hear it GAF.
I have an ibrik and add condesed milk and a little sugar but usually just black coffee from a french press, freshly ground and filtered water.

That vanilla extract sounds awsome. I might try some almond extract too, great idea to change it up every now and then, I do suppose rarely adding some chocolate happens too.

Never heard of adding salt to the grounds either.

[edit:] heck yeah, coconut oil!

[edit2:] Not to be a raincloud but this might increase your appreciation of each cup: Coffee Extinction


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I love creamer in my coffee and have tried just about all of them. Yeah I'm a fan of Bailey's and various other alcoholic additions, but on an everyday basis it's hard to top this one.
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