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Time Cube Redux: Space Moors, Freemasons, black means white, there was no slavery

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To make matters worse, Chen is played by Puppey. Change one letter, it become Puppet, indicating that he is a puppet of the illuminati that created the slave conspiracy (how ironic is it that he keeps jungle creeps enslaved?). To make matters worse, look who Na'Vi picked up for their USA squad: The North American REJECTS AKA THE ORIGINAL BLACK MOORS OF NORTH AMERICA! IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE!

also he pauses and remakes games to change the events of the past to better serve his cruel ends

seriously though puppey cut that out >:\


Nice actually means gullible.

I've finally read through the entirety of this thread. Still have no clue what the OP is trying to prove. It was a very good laugh though
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