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Time Cube Redux: Space Moors, Freemasons, black means white, there was no slavery

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One day you will see the truth.


How Can We See Truth If The Lies Are Already In Sight?


group ejaculates semen on a cookie and last one eats it

According to the book Law of the Playground, 1,866 men were asked: "How close have you got to the game of Soggy Biscuit, in which you race to wank onto a cracker?" Of the respondents, 6.2% reportedly admitted to having played the game.[4] In November 2011 The Eagle-Tribune reported that police were investigating claims that two Andover High School basketball players were hazed by older team members into playing the game.[5] In January 2012 it was reported that two students were expelled over the incident and a further five were suspended. A grand jury was convened to determine if any of the students should be charged criminally.[6]


What kind of cookie? This is important for... further research.

i would imagine something like an entenmann's or chips ahoy would fall apart pretty easily and lacks the surface are to hold anything substantial. something of the larger variety that's crunchy, not chewy, would be preferable


The conspiracy is deeper than I thought, a friend put me onto a few distinct coverups:

Queen Anne's Revenge is attested as a British then French slave ship, so we can definitely count those two nations into the conspiracy.


She also pointed me to the Manuela, another attested slave ship captured with 800 Africans posing as slaves. The Englishman passenger John Hanning Spekes was inducted into the conspiracy seemingly effortlessly, penning corroborating accounts of the slaves.

Er, I mean actors.

Then the case of the Tecora and La Amistad, the latter scene of slaves actors revolting and killing a great number of the crew onboard. Amazingly, the US supreme court let them off the hook for murdering their writer's union or some shit! Can you believe that?

The Madre de Deus is also another conspiracy ship, both in the hands of the Portugese and later English.

Mindblown at how they kept the wraps on the conspiracy with the case of the Zong. 142 slaves actors killed, seemingly, er, against their will? Probably just a standard writers union dispute. Can't say I follow why they would bring this life insurance matter to the courts, seems like the sort of boneheaded move guaranteed to blow the lid off the whole conspiracy.

Overall, I am amazed at how the conspirators managed to convince people of numerous national backgrounds, oftentimes outright mortally adversarial with regards to each other, to keep their true operations hush hush. Speaking of their true operations, what did they carry with the need for so much space, and the chains? Why all the people onboard attested as being slaves? So much diversion, so much artifice that their true cargo would have to be very concealable.


I've got it. The Transatlantic slave trade was a front for illegal seaborne Gladiator contests. Back me up, cobra. We have to tell the untold history of the floating Colosseams.


So does OP actually walk around using words like they were defined in the 1300s? Does he correct someone when they use the wrong meaning?
The thing is...I think Drake could write down anything and it would summarize this thread.

These were the topics covered in the first 375 posts

So far, the OP has argued:

the definition of American
the definition of words
the variance of the definition of words
the definition of etymology
race theory
Native Americans skin color
citizenship law
the existence of Congressional record
the existence of North and South America
the existence of the United States of America
the legitimacy of the United States of America, if it does indeed exist

I mean, and it hadn't even gotten weird by that point.


OP please come back. I have to go to bed and you've dodged every single question thrown at you. Is this how it ends? It can't be..... I NEED closure OP!
OP please come back. I have to go to bed and you've dodged every single question thrown at you. Is this how it ends? It can't be, I can't go on like this. I NEED closure OP!

Getting answers only leads to more questions. Be glad he didn't. I am one of the cursed ones, forever awake, pondering the meaning of meaning. Feel no pity for my sad new existence, for I have no feelings left. Be happy that you can be. Praise the Space Moor.
For those of you just joining us...


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Not today.
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For those of you just joining us... [Close other tab]


Cobragt4001 is a fucking crazy person.


Oh, alright. To elaborate, our OP started out in an attempt to seemingly educate GAF on the ludicrously specific syntax that he demands the public start using in order to differentiate the concept of a person belonging to the United States and someone who can be labeled as an "American." A boring, needless debate of semantics that somehow devolved into a debate about the etymology of everyone and everything-- including the word "etymology" itself. That is not a joke. There was extensive discussion on what the word "etymology" actually means. It went on for pages... And everytime someone disagreed with Cobragt, he played the "but what does it mean really?" card.

Throughout this whole ordeal, Cobragt4001 has revealed little pieces of his belief system... Which is pretty strange. Despite being an African American... Sorry, no. I guess by his logic he's... Uhm... Oh fuck it all. Despite whatever he is, he believes that African Americans were not brought to America by slave ships, and in fact were here well before white Europeans arrived. Which may seem like it doesn't make any sense, but only because of how little sense it makes. But as cobragt points out, it's not like there are any slave ships around to prove that such a thing happened.

Ledgers and such don't count, obviously.

Cobragt has made it clear that whatever WE have been taught is wrong, and whatever he believes is right. What he has not made clear is what exactly it is that he believes. He keeps alluding to the idea that there's some sort of conspiracy that is meant to keep us in the dark, but whenever he's pressed he always backs away and claims to have not said the things he has said.

All we know is that history is a lie. The slave trade never happened. Black people are an elaborate hoax. Columbus did something, maybe. North and South America are bullshit. And Merriam-Webster is a motherfucker.


All the while, GAF has been desperately trying to wrap their minds around this whole thing. Even the thread title is having an identity crisis.


Honestly at this point, I think that I'm black.
I'm Lionel Mandrake.


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