Trump addresses Charlottesville [Up: Trump's people force him to croak out "racism"]

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Obama's speech after Pulse was fifteen god damn minutes of condemnation and sadness.

This old bitter ass racist couldn't even muster fake sadness. For three fucking minutes.
It's actually amazing just how little he actually gives a shit about what's going on today.

Like, he's completely incapable of even pretending to feign interest or show distress.
I'm still dumbstruck.

I mean, you could query even the most partisan Republican during the Obama era, and I'm sure they'd say, "Yeah, he's a Kenyan Muslim communist, but he's smart and well-spoken."

Trump is offensively stupid.
What kind of sick monster, claiming to support unity, uses a terrorist incident committed in US soil as a way to pivot into self congratulations on policies that have nothing to do with what happened?
This is worse than "read my lips no new taxes".

This really should be the moment we should never forget and turn the polls. Please.
Might be the worst speech by a President, ever.
I think so.

Like, literally.

He actually doesn't understand what's happening.

Besides the wink and nod "Our God, our country, our flag" - when I seriously truly actually don't know which flag he's talking about at this point - I mean, the way this speech is being carried out in the wake of a terrorist attack is showing some Patrick Bateman-level human disconnect.
I am a really good fucking actor, but I'm going to have trouble facing the Trump supporters in my life after this weekend.

This has been disgusting. And if you support this man, you are disgusting.
Played it safe I think but got through it, not much he could say honestly.
OK, I get that people want us to grade Trump on like... pre-school intelligence curve

But when discussing Charlottesville, the absolute lowest the bar should go is "don't segue into bragging about a bunch of unrelated shit you want to take credit for."

He didn't condemn the violence and leave it at that. He condemned it, then clarified ALL SIDES DOING BAD THINGS, then turned around and bragged for a while.

He didn't get through it. Inserting "many sides" trashed the entire thing.
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